Editorial slams GOP special session power grabs; calls on courts to strike them down

There’s another fine editorial this morning excoriating the General Assembly for its outrageous and, quite likely, unconstitutional pre-Christmas attempts to seize power from Governor Cooper.

Here’s the conclusion to “Judges right block legislative power grab” in today’s Winston-Salem Journal:

“Republican legislators have said the blocked law [transforming boards of elections] would promote bipartisan oversight of elections and ethics laws. But with six votes required for any agreement — especially on voting hours and locations — the board’s composition sounds more like a recipe for obstruction.

It can’t be ignored that these laws came from legislators whose party was caught red-handed trying to prevent African Americans from voting in 2016. It’s hard to trust their motives after an incident like that.

For the sake of the balance of power, we hope Cooper prevails in this case and in challenging the legislature’s law that says it must approve Cooper’s department heads. Gov. McCrory, who signed off on these measures, didn’t have to jump through these hoops.

We also hope the state board of education prevails in its suit against the new GOP law stripping it of power and giving it to the new and inexperienced state superintendent, Mark Johnson of Winston-Salem.

North Carolinians are best served when members of both parties work together, not when one party — either party — rides roughshod over the other and, thus, the people. The Democrats played rough when they were in power, but the Republicans are playing far rougher.

We know that politics can be an ugly game, but the GOP antics are ridiculous and costly.”

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