Burr must do his patriotic duty in Russia investigation

This morning’s lead editorial in the Charlotte Observer is on the money in pointing out that the nation is depending on North Carolina Senator Richard Burr to step up to the plate and get moving with the investigation in to Russian interference in the U.S. electoral process. Unfortunately, the signs are not encouraging:

“Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina assured the public that the Senate investigation he is charged with leading will be aboveboard. So far, it doesn’t look anything like the balm that could help heal the country’s political wounds. Recent reports from investigative reporters with Yahoo! News, The Daily Beast and CNN suggest the investigation is stalled even as sources claim Russia allegedly tried to infiltrate the Trump campaign through Trump advisers.

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Tuesday he’ll hold a hearing May 8. But the Senate Intelligence Committee hasn’t gathered documents or interviewed key witnesses three months into the probe. Though Democrats have requested evidence such as emails and phone records from the Trump campaign, Burr has yet to sign off on them. And the committee is lightly staffed and doesn’t include those with an intricate knowledge of Russia or have investigative skills….

Intelligence agencies have already determined that a combination of the propagation of Russia-inspired fake news and selectively timed leaks of sensitive emails from Hillary Clinton and other top Democrats through WikiLeaks had an impact on our elections. How to reckon with that reality responsibly to shield ourselves from further incursions is difficult enough. It’s a delicate dance, requiring a firm response without igniting an unnecessary war or hearkening back to the days of the Red Scare.

Without a full, complete nonpartisan investigation, the public will be ill-equipped to assess what policy responses make the most sense, making it that much more difficult to garner widespread support. We get the politics: Burr and his colleagues were sent to Washington to further the agenda of their respective parties. Their supporters expect nothing less.

But there are moments when a political party’s short-term goals must take a backseat to the country’s well-being. This is one of those times. Burr must seize it.”

Clearly, the time for action is now. Burr can show once and for all whether he is a patriotic American or an incompetent political hack in the days to come. Let’s hope for the former.


  1. Cosmic

    April 27, 2017 at 9:08 am

    This Russia-Gate fallacy is nothing but nonsense and those stoking the coals need themselves to review all the relevant circumstances, especially when considering that the US. intelligence services have intervened, interfered or attempted to overturn the election results of – or depose the democratically elected leaders – in upwards of eighty sovereign countries abroad. The US. electorate is becoming fed-up with the Democratic Party denial that Hillary Clinton singlehandedly put Trump in the White House; and as for the leaked files, one need only go back to and reread the news accounts of the Clinton Campaign staffer mysteriously found shot dead on a dark street in Washington DC. – the very campaign staffer who leaked the Clinton files to Wikileaks to alert the US. electorate as to the depths of depravity of Clinton and her campaign. It is beyond reasonable comprehension that a corporately corrupted Democratic Party – indistinguishable now from the corporately corrupted Republican Party – is spinning its wheels making fools of themselves all while increasing the risks of thermo-nuclear war with a country falsely accused of meddling in the US. Presidential election. Russia couldn’t influence US. election results even if it desired to, the US. electronic vote tallying machines preempt such an possibility. Disclaimer: I am a left leaning progressive who regretfully voted for a ‘supposedly anti-war’ Trump to keep warmonger Clinton out of the Oval Office ….

  2. Randy

    April 27, 2017 at 9:22 am

    Burr’s too busy fondling his stock portfolio and investments to actually care about the biggest corruption scandal since Nixon or Harding.

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