‘I will let the review process run its course,’ he said.

Here’s the thing, Mr. Flechtner: We — and we suspect the thousands of people CFPUA serves — are no longer content with letting GenX-related issues “run their course.”

As New Hanover commissioner and CFPUA board member Pat Kusek told the StarNews when informed of Flechtner’s response: ‘That’s unacceptable. People need to tell the truth about what they did and why they did it.’

So far, all Chemours and CFPUA are providing is lots of posturing and deflection. Meanwhile, there’s a critical shortage of timely and complete answers.

Commissioner Kusek is absolutely right: That is not acceptable.”

Meanwhile an editorial in the Greensboro News & Record was on the mark with its demand that Congress abandon its disastrous recent approach toward healthcare. After noting that the prevaricator-in-chief has been signing a different tune lately and blasting the House health plan he once praised as “mean,” “Give us a better bill” has this to say: