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Lunch & Listen: As GOP leaders tweak Graham-Cassidy proposal, health care repeal bill is widely unpopular (video)

The latest effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act will be before the Senate Finance Committee later today. Senate GOP leaders pushing the Graham-Cassidy plan tweaked the bill over the weekend in hopes of persuading Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski to vote for the measure after losing Sen. John McCain’s support on Friday.

But Tom Jensen of Public Policy Polling says Graham-Cassidy appears to be just as unpopular among voters as previous Republican efforts this year to gut the Affordable Care Act.

Click below to hear an excerpt of our weekend interview with Jensen.

For how President Donald Trump, Governor Roy Cooper and the General Assembly are faring in the most recent public opinion polls, click below to listen Jensen’s full interview with Policy Watch’s Chris Fitzsimon.


Senator John McCain has said he will not support the the Graham-Cassidy bill, but supporters of the legislation are giving it one last push.

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