Nearly half of North Carolina’s children living in poverty (video)

Today’s Monday number’s column (on the main Policy Watch website) features a closer look at the well-being of North Carolina’s children.

Troubling numbers highlighted by the 2018 Child Health Report Card include:

46 – percentage of North Carolina children who live in poor or low-income homes (<200% Federal Poverty Level)

28 – percentage of North Carolina children living in households spending over 30% of income on housing costs. Higher housing costs can lead to difficulties accessing health insurance coverage and healthy foods, both of which can impact children’s health outcomes

22.6 – percentage of North Carolina children who live in food-insecure households

Learn more about the health issues and hardships facing North Carolina children in Rob Schofield’s recent radio interview with Whitney Tucker, NC Child’s Director of Research.

Listen to the full podcast below or an excerpt in the accompanying video clip:

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