50 years after Stonewall, reasons for hope in the fight for lived equality (video)

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in New York – a moment that has been described by many as the birth of the gay rights movement.

Equality NC Executive Director Kendra Johnson joined Policy Watch’s Rob Schofield in studio this week to discuss the landmark anniversary and where she finds hope in the LGBTQ movement. Click below for a preview of that interview.

“Despite all the the negativism that we’re seeing from the Oval Office…we have some of the highest visibility we’ve ever had. There are models out there every day that some kids can look to, to know that there can be a silver lining, that it does get better, that there is a pathway to happiness and fulfillment in this life.”

Johnson appears this Sunday on News & Views with Rob Schofield. Listen to past episodes of the show here.

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