New polling shows growing support in NC for impeachment

The latest Meredith College poll is out and it finds growing support amongst North Carolinians for impeaching President Donald Trump. This is from the summary that accompanied the poll results:

The Meredith Poll found that over 90 percent of state residents were very familiar or somewhat familiar with the allegations of wrongdoing stemming from President Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president this summer. However, only a plurality of North Carolinians—48.2 percent—say that his actions justify an impeachment inquiry, while 41 percent state his actions do not. As expected, party affiliation is the key factor dividing respondents. A large majority of Democrats—81.5%—favor the impeachment inquiry, while only 13.8% of Republicans feel similarly. Over half of those calling themselves independent—51.1% —favor the impeachment inquiry. “The division in North Carolina, based on party affiliation, reflects the national mood about impeachment,” stated McLennan.“Most Democrats are urging the House to move forward, while Republicans see the inquiry as more partisan.”

Other findings from the poll:

  • Just over a third of respondents (34.6%) were satisfied with the conditions in the country with almost two-thirds (60.3%) being dissatisfied.
  • North Carolina residents were evenly divided when asked about conditions in the state with 42.9% being satisfied and 46.9% reporting being dissatisfied.
  • Most North Carolinians think the economy is strong with over half (52.4%) referring to it as excellent or good.
  • President Trump’s job approval ratings have fallen to just under 40 percent (39.9%) — down from 44% earlier this year.
  • North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper remains the political figure in the state who citizens think is doing the best job, as his approval ratings remain “above water” with almost half of the respondents (48.6%) approving of the job he is doing with just under a third (32.1%) disapproving his work as governor.
  • Voters generally support the idea of the government being able to remove, temporarily, firearms from someone determined by a judge to be a danger to him/herself or others (commonly referred to as a Red Flag law), with over three quarters (76.4%) of the respondents supported this type of law.
  • On the question of whether the General Assembly should pass the bill ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment, over two-thirds (67.4%) of North Carolinians support its passage and only 16.9% oppose it.

The poll says that Trump still enjoys a narrow lead over possible Democratic opponents and that Sen. Thom Tillis is currently running neck-to-neck with his two main Democratic challengers—Cal Cunningham and state Senator Erika Smith.

Click here to explore the full poll results.

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  1. Sandy Oestreich

    October 20, 2019 at 12:31 pm

    Where’s your info on HOW ERA FARES THERE, AS ADVERTISED???

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