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As Trump sinks, GOP scrambles to do as much damage as possible in time left

There’s a palpable and growing sense in the nation that the end is in sight for the wretched presidency of Donald Trump. The combination of Trump’s shocking dishonesty and dishonorable foreign policy is even starting to become too much for many Republicans, who have begun to abandon him growing numbers.

And whether the end comes a year from now in an election loss or sooner via the impeachment process, all a caring and thinking person can say is “thank God that the nation is finally waking up!”

Unfortunately, this hopeful news is having an important negative impact in the short term: it’s driving Republicans in Washington to get as much done in the limited time they have left to impact federal policy, even if it means working hand-in-glove with the Prevaricator-in-Chief himself.

For a classic example, consider the nomination of the vile Steven Menashi to serve a lifetime appointment on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Menashi has a dreadful record that the good folks at People for the American Way recently described this way:

Menashi’s abhorrent record of opposing and undermining equity for communities that have been marginalized is one that any ultraconservative Trump Republican would applaud. He has expressed blatant hostility towards the LGBTQ+ community, women, lower-income families, Muslims, and immigrants expressed in countless writings from the 1990s and 2000s. Menashi has also worked alongside White House aide Stephen Miller to advance xenophobic and racist immigration policies of the Trump administration and he has enabled Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’s controversial and harmful agenda.

A detailed report from the Alliance for Justice includes this summary:

Steven Menashi has clearly spent his legal career advocating for policies reflecting the racist, sexist, homophobic rhetoric of his past writings. As Betsy Devos’s right-hand man at the Department of Education, he has worked to strip away critical rights and legal protections for women, sexual assault survivors, LGBTQ people, students, and people of color. Demonstrating how far outside even the conservative mainstream he is, in case after case, his views and policies have been repudiated by federal judges. Menashi’s writings and record are completely disqualifying for anyone seeking a lifetime seat on the federal bench. Every senator who votes to confirm Menashi will own the vile positions he has put on paper, as well as the harm he will cause the people of the Second Circuit.

To make matters worse, Senate leader Mitch McConnell appears to be doing his utmost to rush Menashi’s nomination through, just as he has with so many other right-wing judicial nominations. Trump only submitted Menashi’s name in August and it looks as if the Senate could move the nomination very shortly — much quicker than usual.

The bottom line: Those who care about the future of our nation would do well to pay close attention to the metastasizing scandals around Trump, but they should also speak out against the treacherous actions Trump and his lackeys will be taking in the limited time they have left in power.

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  1. Ed Barnard

    October 17, 2019 at 10:12 am

    It is shocking to read what passes daily for informed news reporting, particularly where US. foreign policy is concerned. I am no fan of Pres. Trump, but for all the uproar being spread across the US. news media about US. troops being pulled out of northern Syria – including articles posted on NC. policy watch by Robin Bravender, I can only shake my head in disbelief. Several points need to be remembered when condemning Pres. Trump over the withdrawal of US. troops from northern Syria: First of all, as in the civil insurrection in Ukraine, the hand of US. NGO’s in creating the conditions for civil unrest in both of these country’s is everywhere to be seen but never acknowledged nor discussed by the news media. Secondly, concerning the outcry over ISIS, there was no ISIS until the US. illegally invaded and then decided to occupy Iraq. Furthermore, though never mentioned by the main-stream-media, US. troops have been observed and video-taped repeatedly moving and shamelessly rearming ISIS jihadists in Iraq as well as in Syria – Raqqa in Iraq where US. forces allowed ISIS jihadists to escape after destroying the city and at Deir ez-Zor in Syria, where US. air-power aided ISIS’s take over of that city from the SAA, to mention just two of many incidences. And let us not forget who conceived of and then created Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, who is to say ISIS wasn’t created and used in the same way – as a pretext for yielding the US. military in an unlimited capacity. One need only look at Libya and what the western powers did with R2P to be suspicious of western military adventurism. Thirdly, the US. invasion of and then the stationing of occupying troops in northern Syria was a violation of International Law. Fourthly, US. forces in Syria under the pretext of fighting ISIS – which prior to Russia intervening to aid the Syrian Arab Army in the fourth year of fighting, somehow only made ISIS stronger and more firmly entrenched in the lands they occupied. And lastly, US. forces illegally in Syria repeatedly committed heinous war crimes bombing critical civilian infrastructure, the SAA and innocent Syrian civilians. What the American people no longer have access to is balanced news reporting, reporting that exams all sides of an issue. I would have hoped NC. Policy Watch was better than this. I applaud Pres. Trump’s decision to finally pull US. forces out of Syria – where they had no place being to begin – perhaps the only one I’ve applauded since he took office, and I am ashamed of the news media – including NC. Policy Watch, for helping to reduce the US. to a lawless nation of warmongers. Since the introduction of US. forces, the ME. has been set on fire with no end in sight to the threat of ever more US. military interventionism.

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