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Podcast: A closer look at the conflicts, accusations and general chaos on the UNC Board of Governors

December is shaping-up to be a busy month for North Carolina’s higher education community.

Tuesday, December 10th marks the first meeting of the newly named East Carolina University Chancellor Search Committee. The 20-member search committee announced last week consists of ECU leaders, administrators, faculty, staff, as well as alumni and students tasked with finding a successor to former Chancellor Cecil Staton.

On Friday, December 13th the full UNC Board of Governors holds its final scheduled meeting of the year where they will take up the thorny issue of increases in student tuition and fees.

As Chapelboro.com reporter Brighton McConnell explained this week, UNC-Chapel Hill trustees are looking to the BOG to approve a three percent increase for the 2020-2021 school year.

Under the proposed plan, tuition for undergraduate students would increase by 3 percent, which would be a $211 increase for in-state students and a $1,026 increase for non-North Carolina residents. Both in-state and non-resident graduate students would see a $317 increase.

The UNC Board of Governors will also be trying to get back on track after a year that will be remembered for its conflicts, accusations and general chaos.

NC Policy Watch sat down with investigative reporter Joe Killian last week to discuss the many challenges facing the 25-member board charged with improving the quality of higher education across 17-campuses. Click below to listen to the full interview with Killian:

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