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Full UNC Board of Governors will hold special session on ECU controversy Friday

The full UNC Board of Governors will hold a special session on Friday to deal with the deepening ECU Board of Trustees controversy, the UNC System announced Wednesday.

The board’s University Governance Committee will hold a special session Wednesday at 1 p.m. Any sanctioning action recommended by the board — up to and including removing members of the ECU Board of Trustees — will need to be voted on by the full board on Friday.

ECU Board members Robert Moore (left) and Phil Lewis (right).

ECU Board of Trustees members Robert Moore and Phil Lewis are accused of attempting to support and bankroll an ECU student’s run for student government president in order to displace the current president, whose votes they have opposed on the school’s Board of Trustees.

The scheme appears to be part of an ongoing power struggle on ECU’s board of trustees that includes a July vote for chair. Lewis and Moore had backed Angela Moss, but the board ultimately voted 7-6 for Davenport. The current ECU SGA president, Colin Johnson, voted for Davenport. Among the Lewis and Moore promised to the student they wanted to run against the current ECU student government president: the help and support of Moss.

On Tuesday officers of the ECU Faculty released a letter calling on the board of governors to remove Lewis and Moore from the school’s board of trustees.

Wednesday’s meeting will be held at 1 p.m. in Room 127 at The Center for School Leadership Development, 140 Friday Center Drive in Chapel Hill, NC. Friday’s meeting will happen in the board room of the same location at 10 a.m.

Portions of both Wednesday’s committee meeting and Friday’s full board meeting are likely to be conducted in closed session.

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