As the Democratic Presidential race moves to New Hampshire, the race tightens in NC

Joe Biden (L) and Michael Bloomberg (R)

New numbers by Public Policy Polling find the Democratic presidential contest in North Carolina growing ever tighter ahead of the March 3rd primary.

Joe Biden leads the pack of surveyed voters with 25% compared to 16% for Bernie Sanders, 14% for Michael Bloomberg, 12% for Elizabeth Warren and 9% for Pete Buttigieg. Thirteen percent of those polled said they were undecided.

And here’s where it gets interesting. According to PPP, Bloomberg who is spending heavily on traditional and social media is gaining ground on the field:

Bloomberg is the only one of the top four contenders who’s shown positive momentum over the last three weeks, seeing a six point growth in his support from 8% to 14%. By contrast Biden has dropped 6 points, Sanders has dropped 2 points, and Warren has dropped 3 points. The other candidates on a positive trajectory in the state are Buttigieg who’s gone up 3 points, and Klobuchar who’s gained 2 points.

Biden, who has won endorsements from Congresswoman Alma Adams and Congressman G.K. Butterfield, is enjoying strong support from African American voters:

African American voters continue to be the key to Biden’s advantage in the Tar Heel state. He’s at 39% with them to 12% for Bloomberg and 10% for Sanders. That allows him to break out of a logjam with white voters where he and Sanders are both at 18%, with Bloomberg and Warren each at 15% not far behind. There’s a huge generational divide- among seniors Biden gets 35% and Bloomberg 21% with no one else over 8%. But among young voters Sanders gets 27% with Biden and Warren and 16%, and Bloomberg actually running 5th at 9% behind Andrew Yang who gets 10% in that demographic.

As far as down-ballot contests, Cal Cunningham has nearly doubled his lead over Erica Smith in the U.S. Senate primary, from 10 points three weeks ago to now 19 points. Cunningham is at 29% to 10% for Smith, 4% for Steve Swenson, 3% for Trevor Fuller, and 2% for Atul Goel.

The winner in that race will face incumbent Republican Senator Thom Tillis in November.

Find full polling results here.

And for those interested in voting in the March 3rd primary, today (Friday) is the deadline for regular voter registration. But as reporter Melissa Boughton explains, this won’t be the last opportunity.

One Comment

  1. Susan Allen

    February 10, 2020 at 2:29 pm

    I couldn’t help but notice from your article that Bernie Sanders comes in at 16 percent and Bloomberg at 14 percent; however, you chose to highlight Biden vs Bloomberg rather than Biden vs Sanders. Just curious as to why? Sort of shows your true colors I think. Maybe ‘The Progressive Pulse’ is not a good name for you. Bernie Sanders is the only real progressive in the race and you chose to ignore that. Your name does not befit you!

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