The best editorial of the weekend takes Lt. Gov. Forest to task for “irresponsible” statements

In case you missed it, the Greensboro News & Record did a fine job over the weekend of reminding us once more of how detached from reality and utterly “irresponsible” North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest was with his recent absurd MLK Day attacks on Planned Parenthood in which he accused the women’s health organization of trying to “destroy the Black race.”

In an editorial entitled “Saving black babies,” the the authors put it this way:

“There’s a lot wrong with Forest’s irresponsible statements. For starters, he was pushing a divisive political agenda at an event honoring a man who died promoting racial justice and equality. King also supported the work of Planned Parenthood and was honored with the Planned Parenthood Federation of America Margaret Sanger award.

And even though Forest declared what he was saying was ‘just the truth,’ it’s an account that’s repeatedly been shown to be misleading, not to mention taken out of historical context.”

After explaining the truth about Planned Parenthood matriarch Margaret Sanger and the complex views that many American leaders — both Black and white — held about eugenics a century ago, the editorial puts Forest in his place this way:

“Forest could do a lot more good for black babies by supporting the expansion of Medicaid in North Carolina….

A recent study finds that states that have expanded Medicaid so more low-income adults can get health insurance have seen the quickest declines in deaths of black infants. North Carolina is one of only 14 states that hasn’t taken advantage of the Affordable Care Act to expand Medicaid.

Medicaid makes a difference because it helps low-income mothers — many who work but don’t have insurance — afford prenatal care, a major factor in preventing infant deaths. Medicaid also helps mothers get crucial care and advice after giving birth.

Forest is a staunch opponent of the Medicaid expansion that would do a lot more to save black babies than he’ll accomplish by railing at Planned Parenthood.

That, Mr. Forest, is ‘just the truth.’”

Click here to read the entire editorial.

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