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New polling results: Americans trust experts, governors – not Trump on re-opening economy

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As noted in this morning’s edition of the Weekly Briefing, the efforts of President Trump and his minions to contradict the findings and recommendations of experts by fomenting “re-open” protests around the country are not persuading most Americans. A number of new polls find that significant majorities favor adhering to the policies in place across most of the country in recent weeks. Here’s a sampling:

From the Pew Research Center:

“With substantial limits in place on public activity in most states to combat the coronavirus outbreak, 66% of Americans say they are more concerned that these restrictions will be lifted too quickly, while 32% say they are more concerned they won’t be lifted quickly enough.”

From the Quinnipiac poll:

“In a country gripped by crisis and divided by partisanship, public opinion is united when it comes to Dr. Anthony Fauci. Nearly 8 in 10 voters give him a resounding thumbs up for the job he’s doing responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s not the case for President Trump. More voters disapprove of his response than approve. Separately, they say he hasn’t acted aggressively enough in his response,” said Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Mary Snow.

From Yahoo News/YouGov:

An overwhelming majority of Americans, Republicans included, are rejecting right-wing protests — encouraged by President Trump — to immediately “reopen” the country in the midst of the world’s largest and deadliest coronavirus outbreak, according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll.

The survey, conducted April 17 to April 19, found that a full 60% of the public opposes the largely pro-Trump protesters whose calls for governors to “liberate” their states by lifting lockdown measures have attracted intense media attention in recent days — and whose message the president amplified Friday in a series of all-caps “LIBERATE” tweets about three swing states: Minnesota, Michigan and Virginia.

Only 22% of Americans say they support the protesters. Despite Trump’s messaging, even Republicans oppose the protests 47% to 36%. Asked whether they agree or disagree with Trump’s “LIBERATE” tweets, only a quarter of Americans say they agree.

The total number of protesters may be small. But the public’s dismissive attitude toward them reflects a deeper sentiment: Americans strongly disagree with those who claim the country is ready to reopen for business.

Meanwhile, the latest HuffPo poll finds that 61% of registered voters are concerned that states will lift restrictions too early while only 28% are concerned they’ll be lifted too late and a Washington Post/University of Maryland poll finds that “most rate Trump’s coronavirus response negatively and expect crowds will be unsafe until summer.”

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  1. maria d'oro

    April 24, 2020 at 7:35 am

    Trump should not be allowed to campaign during the daily covid 19 task force coverage. Shame on him. I am sick of hearing his excuses and his bullying. Let the experts speak. Stop wasting everyone’s time – No one believes him anyway. The news media should not be airing his speeches.

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