May 14 online Crucial Conversation: Prof. Gene Nichol discusses his new book, “Indecent Assembly”

Join us Thursday, May 14 at 12:00 noon for a very special (and virtual) Crucial Conversation:

Professor Gene Nichol discusses his new book:

Indecent Assembly – The North Carolina Legislature’s Blueprint for the War on Democracy and Equality

Gene Nichol is back with his second book, which details the agenda, impacts, and transgressions of the Republican-dominated North Carolina General Assembly that has driven state policymaking over the last decade.

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In Indecent Assembly, Nichol outlines “the stoutest war waged against people of color and low-income citizens seen in America for a half-century.” North Carolina is, Nichol says, involved in a brutal battle for its own decency – a battle that is likely to serve as a testing ground for the entire nation. According to Nichol, If the contest is lost here, especially in the coming 2020 election season, other states will likely abandon defining cornerstones of American liberty and equality as well.

The Boyd Tinsley Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of North Carolina will join NC Policy Watch for a virtual event and Q&A from the audience.

Don’t miss this very special event!

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Special note: For a limited time, Blair Publishing is offering Indecent Assembly with a bookplate signed by Gene Nichol to the first 75 attendees ordering online. Visit the link to order here.

When: Thursday, May 14 at 12:00 noon

Where: Online; pre-register from the comfort of your home, and remember to social distance!

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