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Congressional Black Caucus to push for substantive police reforms following George Floyd’s death, recent protests

U.S. Representatives G.K. Butterfield (NC-1)

As demonstrators continued to take to the streets to push for change, North Carolina Congressman G.K. Butterfield vowed his colleagues will be pushing just as hard for change in Congress.

Butterfield said his life experience has taught him that the police are “absolutely necessary in our communities,” but the country is demanding responsible police officers and accountability.

Butterfield said that members of the Congressional Black Caucus are assembling a package of legislation to present to Democratic House leadership in the next few days that addresses everything from qualified immunity to the use of chokeholds.

“Right now police officers have qualified immunity and that’s why I believe many of them engage in this outrageous behavior,” explained Butterfield.”If we could create a situation where they could be held accountable in civil court and account for damages, then I believe we will see better conduct.”

U.S. Representatives Alma Adams (NC-12)

Another proposal being floated would be the creation of a nationwide database that identifies trends, to prevent an officer who gets fired for excessive force from simply getting a job with another department in another county or another state.

Congresswoman Alma Adams (NC-12) joined Butterfield in demanding reforms in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death.

She said she was especially troubled to see law enforcement using tear gas against demonstrators in her own district.

“I’m just appalled at these chemical agents they are using. I think it’s just creating a larger problem,” said Rep. Adams, who would like to see use of the gas banned.

A vote on the proposed legislation could come at the end of June.

Both Adams and Butterfield also criticized President Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis on Wednesday, which has disproportionately affected black communities in North Carolina.

According to the North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services, African Americans make up 22% of North Carolina’s population but have accounted for 35% of the state’s COVID-19 deaths.

“The truth is that at every step along the way, the Trump administration has ignored the racial disparities of this crisis. In particular, minority owned-businesses in districts like mine in Eastern North Carolina have been devastated by this pandemic. They have asked for help from the federal government, and they have been ignored,” said Butterfield.


  1. MWW

    June 5, 2020 at 10:06 am

    1. End qualified immunity.
    2. End asset fortfiture
    3. LE secure their own individual professional liability insurance
    4. All LE subject to drug testing , including steroids.
    5. All LE held to same standards crimes as US citizens.
    6. End surplus military equipment programs.

  2. Sadan Community News

    June 8, 2020 at 9:51 am

    1. 2012 to 2019 for a 65 y/o Black parent\father it’s unnerving “after the fact” that Congressman Butterfield “acting” as if Congressional Black Caucus a package of legislation to the Democratic House leadership for a “band aid fix” imposing just qualified immunity and use of chokeholds will resolve law enforcement threats for the common persons, without fixing the dangerous the Democratic Party voted\appointed officials “weaponized, politicized special interests” state and counties corrupt murderous “judiciary” Chief District Judge(s), Superior judges, district attorneys and agencies\entities attorneys illegal-acts, activity for example cases where it “agreed to” “the Democratic Party’s, Private Party” “political, special interests use of the judicial office” “agreed to” a “pre-determined unyielding static favorable outcome” under color violates Right Access Courts.

    2. Evenmoreso outrageous behavior, in furtherance to conceal the “agreement” use of the judicial office unlawfully or illegally in obstruction underlying federal offenses “agreed to” murder the witnesses\victims\reporters of the Party’s illegal-acts activity that violated federal and state law, under color “lack of all jurisdiction”; and the brotherhood lives on by and through the improper use law-enforcement by the Party’s that gained the “illegal use of law-enforcement” to perpetuate the crime[s]. Therefore, a waste time seek qualified-immunity where the public\citizens daily life-threatening challenge resides from the TOP DOWN at the “District and Superior courts judiciary” to the district-attorneys and downward to the controlled police and other federal\state law enforcement that works hand-to-hand and within the “brotherhood”, partisan political and\or scratch my back…quid-pro quo. This is more of a blatant common practice and\or policy seen regularly in district county courts and if one is unfortunate to discover the obstruction then depending on the level of illegal-act, activity a litigant in fact will be subjected of “official murder” retaliation.

    3. If the “immunity” changes are not applicable to judiciary, district attorneys then moot for police as the danger of their acts may be fully\partially conceal by those very official actors acting unofficially when they dispose of cases of lethal
    misconduct. Note: Its not only police that can per se kill, a party may go to these courts and murdered by the deprivation protected right to application of “known” Rule of Law or rights, remedies, equal protection and immunity. with impunity. For example: 2014-2018 Chief District Judge(s) as court “false-statement claims” proceedings were in progress trial judge, DA and attorneys concealed opposing-counsel attorney and law enforcement directly “recruited local-criminals” for home break enter “specific theft” of a 62 year old father\son critical federal and state evidence. Well these officers of the court, judiciary indirectly received stolen property and other evidence destroyed, the legal brotherhood concealed from the TOP DOWN, did then in fact upon the fathers discovery they sent goons attempted murder. When that failed, planted evidence due to now these officials, judiciary were discovered own criminal misconduct. Clearly, secrets run and the public, voters and any party seeking claims against any official or law enforcement are or will be the real victims—murdered.

    4. The State NC, Democratic Party weaponized judiciary, DA’s are still historically in the “covert” trade business of bartering, selling and\or extortion of parents minor-children to the political affluent and\or foreign nationals as long as they provide political funding and\or votes.

    5. The Supreme Court long established that law enforcement are not required to protect individuals or citizgens. Protect and Serve is marketing and works miracles for murder at-will or be subjected to any number of government popular “Watchlist” until murder and\or planted-evidence incarceration is safely feasible. A current practice we discovered.

    Bottom line–fix the Democratic Party dangerous judiciary\DA’s TOP DOWN. Absolute, quasi immunity across this Nation are the exact proximate cause injustice. COINTELPRO still exists as well as foreign nationals brought in allows for “plausible deniability.” Clearly, Supreme justice Mark Martin early departure caused or having to be caused by judicial misconduct by lower inferior court Chief District Judge David Brantley, judge Elizabeth Heath under color lack all jurisdiction. Where was Black Caucus or NAACP before the carnage?

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