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State lawmaker reveals daughter has COVID-19 as NC House votes to reopen more recreation attractions

Rep. Graig Meyer

As the members of the state House of Representatives debated a bill to reopen North Carolina’s skating rinks and bowling alleys on Tuesday, Rep. Graig Meyer revealed a hard truth.

“My daughter was diagnosed with COVID last week and is currently fighting symptoms.”

The Orange County Democrat said he believes his daughter contracted the virus while at work, and is expected to recover without being hospitalized.

But he noted that his daughter’s employer is under no obligation to report her illness to the other employees or customers that she may have come into contact with.

Rep. Larry Yarborough

“How are we ever suppose to stop the transmission if we can’t contact trace, and we can’t shut down places that are breaking the rules?”

Rep. Larry Yarborough (R- Granville, Person) questioned why Meyer was on the House floor if he’d been caring for his daughter.

Meyer clarified that his adult daughter lives and Charlotte, and he had not had direct contact with her since she was diagnosed.

But he also cautioned that many cases of COVID-19 can be asymptomatic.

“I don’t know whether I’ve been exposed and neither do any of you,” stressed Meyer. “You can be exposed by people who don’t have symptoms. You can be exposed by people sitting in here at this very minute. We’re all vulnerable to it.”

House Speaker Tim Moore cut short the debate to call the vote on Senate Bill 599, with the chamber voting 68-52 in favor of  business to reopen skating rinks and bowling alleys.

The legislation would require all employees wear face masks, with visitors strongly encouraged to do so.

SB 599 faces one more vote in the House on Wednesday before heading back to the Senate.

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