Be prepared: North Carolina in the cone for Tropical Storm Isaias

(Map: National Weather Service)

The eastern half of North Carolina is in the path of Tropical Storm Isaias, which could bring heavy rain, storm surge and gusty winds to the state as early as Monday.

The National Weather Service said that because Isaias is passing over mountainous terrain, including in Hispaniola, “the details of the track and intensity forecast remain uncertain.”

Nonetheless, Isaias is currently battering Puerto Rico with flooding rains and high winds. Tropical storm or hurricane watches could be issued for portions of south Florida later today.

The center of storm will move over the southeastern Bahamas tonight or early Friday. It is moving northwest at roughly 20 mph, but could slow down. If Isaias travels over open waters, it could intensify because ocean temperatures are so warm. According to NOAA, waters off Wilmington are 87 degrees.

Within Isaias, sustained winds are near 60 mph, with higher gusts. Tropical storm force winds extend outward up to 310 miles from the center, according to NOAA. Depending on the track, even central North Carolina could bear some effects of the storm.



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