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Editorial: Trump and science

In case you missed it, be sure to check out this morning’s Capitol Broadcasting Company editorial on In “Trump, magnificently incompetent,” the authors do a great job of exposing President Trump’s almost pathological aversion to science and its vital importance to the well-being of modern society.

As the editorial notes, we know what real science is, what it can do and what it can produce, and we witnessed it again in a powerful way this week when engineers launched a new mission to Mars.

“In real America, scientists and engineers used real facts, real math, to launch the Mars rover ‘Perseverance’ atop an Atlas V rocket early last Thursday morning on a 64 million-mile trip to arrive at the Red Planet in February 2021. It was a flawless launch. Watch the video here.

The mission Perseverance is about ambition, innovation and embracing the future. Exploration of the Jezero Crater located in a basin slightly north of the Martian equator will seek REAL evidence of past microbial life and test out conditions for possible human exploration.”

Unfortunately, as the editorial also points out, President Trump has given repeated indications that he just doesn’t get this basic reality. Instead of championing real science, Trump champions nonsense and fantasy. The latest example: his decision to lift up the COVID-19-related comments of a troubled/delusional doctor from Texas:

“Facebook, YouTube and Twitter removed several versions of another video that Trump re-tweeted about dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic because it violated policies on false data and misinformation. But there’s an archive of the video here and a transcript here.

The ‘very impressive’ doctor turns out to be Stella Immanuel of Houston, Texas. She is a doctor, who says that there is demon sperm and the uterine condition “endometriosis” is caused by sex with demons during dreams. She spouts fiction and myth.”

When Trump was asked about the Immanuel’s bizarre claims during a press conference, he simply walked out.

As the editorial noted in conclusion, we must do better as a nation:

“We reject backward thinking that embraces the false premise of the ‘good-old-days’ and where hunches, guesses, myth and phony facts lead to impulsive, dangerous unproductive actions.

We choose an ambitious and innovative America where technology, research, evidence and planning calculates risk to produce bold and decisive success.”

Amen to that.

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