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New Elon University poll illustrates anxiety, lack of voter confidence ahead of election


A new Elon University poll, released Thursday, shows a large swath of  North Carolina voters are worried about the process and aftermath of next week’s election and lack confidence in the system.

Key findings in the survey, culled from an online survey of 1,259 registered voters in the state:

* About 60 percent said they are confident the election process will be fair.

* 67 percent said they are confident votes will be counted properly

* 77 percent said they are confident legally eligible voters wlll be able to vote without running into problems.

* Just over half (52 percent) said they are either somewhat or very concerned about voter harassment or intimidation

* 70 percent are concerned about rejection of mail-in ballots

* 63 percent said they are either somewhat or very concerned about mail-in voting leading to election fraud

* 56 percent of registered voters polled said they are confident most Americans will accept the outcome of the presidential election.

* 43 percent said they are confident President Donald Trump will accept the outcome of the election while 67 percent said they are confident former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee, will do so.

“Looking at the system as a whole, a majority of North Carolina voters are skeptical about many aspects of electoral integrity,” said Jason Husser, director of the Elon University Poll and associate professor of political science. “Voters are particularly concerned about violence after the election. However, when it comes to their own personal experience voting this year, most North Carolinians report a positive experience. “

See the full poll results here, along with information about methodology.

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