Another GOP congressman from NC seeks a leadership position in Washington

Recently reelected Republican Congressman Richard Hudson of North Carolina’s 8th District (pictured at left) is reportedly seeking the position of Conference Secretary in his party’s House leadership team.

The current inhabitant of the position, Rep. Jason Smith of Missouri, is seeking to become ranking Republican member on the powerful House Budget Committee.

This is from today’s version of the Politico feature known as “The Huddle”:

Rep. Richard Hudson (R-N.C.) has officially thrown his hat into the ring to be GOP conference secretary next year. And Hudson, who has been dialing up colleagues nonstop the last few days making his pitch, is running unopposed and already has the votes locked down, per multiple sources. (He also sent out a brochure and plans to blast out supportive quotes from members representing a cross-section of the conference today.)

Hudson currently serves as a deputy whip, sits on the GOP Steering Committee, and also was finance chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee this cycle. Or, as fellow North Carolina Republican Patrick McHenry put it, Hudson “has done every job you’re supposed to do along the way for House Republicans. He is a good team player.”

[Politico] caught up with Hudson, who shared his vision for the job. “I want to be a conference secretary who helps make sure we stay on offense and that we’re coordinated as we take back the House,” he said. The job description is broad, but Hudson said he has support from leadership to do as he sees fit with it. “I’ve got a lot of support from them,” he said. “And I’ll be given some runway.”

While the myriad leadership positions within the House (e.g. Whip, Conference Chair, Congressional Committee Chair) can be hard to follow — especially for those not immersed inside the Capital Beltway — they do have some importance in determining the pecking order among hundreds of  striving politicians with big ambitions and egos.

Soon-to-be-retired Republican Rep. Mark Walker has been serving as the House Republican Conference Vice Chair in the current Congress — a position that seems to have enabled him to, at least at times, maintain a some what higher profile with the D.C. media and, perhaps, wield a greater degree of clout than the average member.

Click here to read the entire Politico story, which details several other post-election machinations in recent days.

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