Mealy-mouthed platitudes from NC GOP leaders aren’t enough

House Speaker Tim Moore (L) and Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger (R)

Some of North Carolina’s most important Republican politicians finally spoke up yesterday about the disgraceful, seditious, and deadly invasion of the U.S. Capitol that President Donald Trump and his minions directly incited this week. Unfortunately, if what they said represents the extent of their response to this crisis in democracy, our state and nation are in sad shape.

This is from reporter Lucille Sherman of Raleigh’s News & Observer:

Since Wednesday, some of the same public officials who have spoken out in support of Trump denounced violence at the Capitol. Others issued vague statements that appeared to condemn the violence.

Berger released a statement condemning the violence and said “we should take care to lower the temperature.”

…“Today’s violence at the U.S. Capitol was unacceptable,” [House Speaker Tim] Moore wrote in a tweet. “Civil discourse is the solution to our differences, and while we must protect the democratic process, we must also respect its outcomes and the rule of law.”

Former Rep. Craig Horn, a Republican, said he was disgusted by the day’s events, but that they were not the acts of “Republicans or conservatives.”

…Rep. Jon Hardister, a Republican from Whitsett, said Wednesday’s events were “concerning.”

To which all a caring and thinking person can say in response is: “that’s it?”

“Lower the temperature”?



Good thing the U.S. wasn’t the target of a sneak nuclear attack — North Carolina Republicans might have even become “deeply troubled.”

Earth to Berger, Moore & Co.: We’re talking about one of the most outrageous and lawless acts in the history of the nation — a deadly attempted coup, incited directly by the President, that struck at the very heart of the globe’s most important democracy. The situation requires a tad more of a response than “lowering the temperature.”

It is, in fact, a situation that requires all Americans (especially elected officials) — regardless of party, ideology or political philosophy — to stand up for, and loudly proclaim, what is right and what is utterly and indefensibly wrong.

Almost 160 years ago, a young Illinois clerk and former Army officer wrote to family members to explain why he was re-enlisting in the service at a moment of great national crisis:

“There are but two parties now, traitors and patriots and I want hereafter to be ranked with the latter…”

Of course, Ulysses S. Grant was dead on in his assessment of America at that time and it’s a terrible tragedy that so many modern American leaders — men and women of Grant’s once-great party — are so blinded by ambition and cult-like loyalty to a mentally ill megalomaniac that they can’t recognize and acknowledge this simple truth today.

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