NC’s congressional delegation on historic Biden-Harris Inauguration

Congressman G. K. Butterfield (NC-01):

“Today, Joe Biden will take the solemn oath of office and assume the role of President for all Americans. Kamala Harris will make history as the first woman and first person of African American and South Asian descent to ever serve as Vice President of the United States. In a historic voter turnout, this election was truly a victory for the people and by the people.

“It is time to get to work for the good of all Americans. It is time to restore civility, decency, and bipartisanship to our public discourse and the legislative process. With a pledge to rebuild, repair, and unify, I am encouraged and excited about the vision and direction of this new administration under the leadership of President Biden and Vice President Harris. They are hitting the ground running by tackling the challenges surrounding the pandemic and fulfilling the pledge to Build Back Better. I look forward to supporting the efforts of President Biden as he leads our nation forward.”

Congresswoman Alma Adams (NC-12):

“On this historic day, I could not be prouder of our President and Vice President.”

“President Biden, you have received more votes than any commander-in-chief in our nation’s history. The people of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, and our nation are counting on you to bring us together to forge a more perfect union. I know that you’ll succeed, because our country can’t afford failure at this critical moment.”

“Vice President Harris, my sister, my colleague: your election brought tears of joy to my eyes. You are a role model, not only for my granddaughters but for all the girls around the world. They will make your courage their own. I know that you’ll continue to use the trust that we put in you to inspire generations of women.”

Congressman David Price  (NC-04):

“President Biden inherits not just one, but several crises of historic proportions as he enters office: the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic fallout, devastating climate change that threatens our future, persistent racial inequality, and rising anti-government extremism and white supremacist movements. Restoring America’s leadership and reputation both at home and abroad will require a whole of government approach.  President Biden’s experiences – both personal and professional – have prepared him for this moment and we could not be in more capable hands. 

“President Biden’s inaugural address today inspired hope, emphasized unity and our shared values, and represents a clear break from chaos toward steady, principled leadership. He has laid out an aggressive agenda to combat the virus, improve vaccination distribution, help struggling families, and pursue policies that create opportunity and shared prosperity for all our citizens, not just the privileged or well-connected. The Biden-Harris administration will chart a positive course for America as we Build Back Better, and I stand ready to help pass this agenda in Congress.” 

Congresswoman Deborah Ross (NC-02):

“Today is a day of hope and healing, and I have faith President Biden and Vice President Harris will unite the American people to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, rebuild our economy, and tackle the other serious challenges facing our nation — from disparate healthcare access to climate change to racial inequity.

“We also celebrate not only the first woman but also the first Black and Asian woman to be sworn in as our Vice President. The image of Vice President Harris standing on the steps of the U.S. Capitol taking the oath of office will stay with me and with millions of girls and women across the country as a reminder that we can achieve anything.

“I congratulate President Biden and Vice President Harris on this historic day, and I look forward to working with this talented and diverse administration to deliver results for the people of North Carolina.”

Congresswoman Kathy Manning (NC-06):

“After four years of division, today our nation unites in a shared vision for the future. The historic inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris is the beginning of a new era of strong, competent, compassionate, and diverse government.

It will take all of us working together to build our country back stronger and more equitably than before. Today, the work begins.”

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