Senator Curtis wants to “starve government to death”

David CurtisSenator David Curtis recently defended the misguided and misnamed Taxpayer Bill of Rights in a story in the Lincoln Times-News about the proposal that would limit state spending based on an arbitrary and inappropriate formula.

Curtis thinks government is too big and that there’s only one way to address that.

“The only way to shrink government is to starve it to death.”

That can’t be very reassuring to people in Curtis’ district worried about their schools or roads or health care services, that he wants to starve their government to death.

Maybe he was channeling his inner Grover Norquist, who famously said he wanted to shrink government “down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub.”

Those anti-government types have such a pleasant and lovely way with words.


McCrory still opposed to sales tax plan and still unwilling to talk to reporters

Gov. Pat McCrory, who has never met a groundbreaking in Charlotte on a Friday that he didn’t like, was at another one today and didn’t feel much like answering questions from pesky reporters, according to the Charlotte Business Journal.

The former Charlotte mayor, while walking to his SUV to depart for another meeting, said he did not have time to take questions. Asked for a quick comment on the sales-tax proposal, McCrory told me, “My position hasn’t changed.” As he ducked his head into the car, I asked what he thought the chances are for the sales-tax plan to be approved. The governor chuckled and said, “My position hasn’t changed.”

The problem for McCrory is that currently the sales tax proposal that changes the way local sales tax revenue is distributed is now part of legislation that funds business incentive programs that he is desperate for lawmakers to approve.

Reporters would have probably asked him about that had he talked to them for five minutes, but he couldn’t seem to find the time. Thursday he also avoided reporters waiting with questions after his remarks at an N.C. Chamber education event.

Wonder why the governor is so media averse lately? What questions is he scared to answer?


Another court rules that General Assembly has gone too far

The Watauga Democrat is reporting that a three-judge panel has ruled that a bill passed by the General Assembly at the urging of Senator Dan Soucek to take zoning power away from the town of Boone is unconstitutional.

The decision comes on the heels of a recent decision by a federal judge to issue a permanent injunction against the absurd law passed by the House and Senate to change city council elections in Greensboro.

The folks running the General Assembly continue to overreach in their power grabs and the courts are calling them on it.


GOP lawmaker says if McCrory “would just shut his mouth…”

Pat McCrory 4Another day, another startling display of disrespect from a Republican state lawmaker toward Republican Governor Pat McCrory.

Patrick Gannon of the The Insider (subscription required)  reports that Rep. Phil Shepard was overheard Tuesday delivering some harsh words about the governor to his Republican colleagues.

Before a House Transportation Committee Tuesday morning, Shepard, a committee cochairman, was overheard expressing frustration about the Republican governor to fellow legislators. “If he would just shut his mouth,” Shepard said. “What does he think he’s trying to accomplish?”

Ouch. No wonder McCrory spends a lot of time flying around the state cutting ribbons.


Rep. McGrady latest lawmaker to criticize Gov. McCrory

McCrory_budget3Rep. Chuck McGrady is the latest legislative leader to question how Governor Pat McCrory, a fellow Republican, is doing his job.

McGrady—one of the House budget chairs—weighed in as part of a weekend Charlotte Observer story about the increasing friction between McCrory and the folks running the General Assembly.

McGrady, a former president of the national Sierra Club, said he would expect to find himself on the same page as a governor who came to office as a moderate conservative. But he laments what he calls “a lot of missed opportunities.”

“There’s a lack of engagement; there’s a lack of relationships,” McGrady said. “It’s like he doesn’t understand what our job is. And some of my colleagues don’t think he understands what his job is.”

As the Observer points out, the comments come on the heels of Senator Tom Apodaca saying McCrory “doesn’t play much of a role in anything,” and Senate Majority Leader Harry Brown saying he couldn’t figure out  “if Pat thinks he is the governor of Charlotte or the mayor of North Carolina,”

Now McGrady is piling on. Just another sunny Monday for the governor.