Sustainable communities, sustainable businesses: A business summit at the DNC

CHARLOTTE — Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) looked to an unlikely source of inspiration when speaking to a crowd of business leaders at the Democratic National Convention on the importance of building sustainable businesses and communities. That source was his father — a preacher whom Rep. Clyburn credited with teaching him a lesson on how to approach the world of business, and how that business can serve its community and the greater good.

“Stewardship,” Rep. Clyburn said. Based on his father’s teachings, the Congressman learned the importance of responsibly managing one’s resources. Cleaning up the environment first and foremost, and becoming a more resourceful nation could make all the difference in leaving something better for the next generation.

“I believe we need to build a future for our children,” he said. “I believe, as my dad would say, that we need to provide good stewardship over our environment.”

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Advocates celebrate 2nd anniversary of Affordable Care Act

This morning, legislative proponents and advocacy groups gathered at the NC General Assembly to discuss the benefits of the Affordable Care Act around the 2nd anniversary of its passage into law. Felicia Willems of NC MomsRising shared her experience with the new law and spoke of how it improved the quality of life for her family, literally overnight. Watch the video of her remarkable story below.