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Judge tosses punitive damages claims in hog nuisance case

The punitive damages phase of the most recent hog nuisance trial against Smithfield Foods had lasted just a half-day before the judge pulled the plug.

Yesterday a jury found Smithfield had committed a nuisance against its neighbors of Sholar Farm in Sampson County and awarded eight plaintiffs compensatory damages. During the punitive phase, which began yesterday afternoon, plaintiffs’ attorney Michael Kaeske presented his case to the jury that Smithfield had acted with “willful and wanton disregard” for the neighbors — not just those on Herring Road, but throughout the state — and for more than 20 years.

But this morning, as Kaeske tried to enter seven exhibits into the record for the jury to review, Senior District Court Judge David Faber allowed only three to be admitted into evidence. Faber then ruled there wasn’t enough evidence for the jury to assess punitive damages. Case closed. The jury went home.

The purpose of punitive damages is to deter future bad behavior by the defendant — and that of other potential defendants who might consider comporting themselves the same way. Nine factors play into the question of whether to award these damages, including the duration of the misconduct and the defendant’s awareness of it.

During the opening statements for the punitive phase, held yesterday afternoon, Kaeske told the jury, backed by more than 20 years’ of articles, memos and documents, that Smithfield had known odor was a problem at its hundreds of farms. The company’s lobbyists and proxies at the NC Pork Council had helped craft pivotal legislation to give the industry even more power to site farms wherever it pleased and to undercut regulations on odor and water discharge.

“This is the way we finish the job,” Kaeske told the jury.

But the job now goes unfinished. Throughout the trial, Faber never hid his contempt for Kaeske’s argumentative style of questioning. But yesterday, the judge sighed, grumbled and told the courtroom that the case needed to end soon. Faber disallowed any mention that Smithfield is owned by a Chinese conglomerate; nor could Kaeske discuss the ample salaries of Smithfield executives. Kaeske had presented this information in previous trials to prove that Smithfield could well afford to upgrade its waste lagoon and sprayfield technology.

“Those are emotional arguments,” Faber said, dismissing Kaeske’s request.

Jim Neale of McGuireWoods, representing Smithfield, objected to many of Kaeske’s statements. In fact, Neale argued, unsuccessfully, that the word “Smithfield” should even be uttered because technically the Sholar Farm is owned by Murphy-Brown. However, Murphy-Brown is wholly owned by Smithfield — and, even the judge agreed, that fact had been central to the first phase of the case.

To underscore the Smithfield-Murphy-Brown connection, Kaeske asked his first witness, Don Butler, a former director of Smithfield Foods, about the signage in front of each farm. Yes, Butler said, Smithfield had replaced all the signs that read “Murphy-Brown” or “Carroll’s” or any of the companies it had bought. Now all of the signs say “Smithfield.”

And so on, for more than two hours of objections, overrulings and sustainings, until the judge, jury and courtroom observers were exhausted.

This morning, Judge Faber unveiled a prewritten statement as he called off the punitive phase of the case. No amount of Kaeske’s protestations changed the judge’s mind. By 11 o’clock, the jury had been sent home.

The next case, also overseen by Judge Faber, is scheduled for January.


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Private firm to investigate Gov. Cooper’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline deal: “We have no political agenda”

A private firm formed by three former federal agents will investigate Gov. Roy Cooper’s controversial memorandum of understanding with Dominion Energy over the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

At a subcommittee meeting today, lawmakers announced they had hired Eagle Intel, based in Wilmington, to conduct the investigation. The firm, composed of Frank Brostrom, Tom Beers and Kevin Greene, incorporated last year. Brostrom worked for the FBI, and Beers and Greene for the Internal Revenue Service. Their areas of expertise focused on tax evasion and financial and political corruption, as well as organized crime and terrorism cases.

This is not a criminal probe, but a civil one, prompted by legislative oversight, said Sen. Harry Brown, a Republican from Onslow County.

The firm charges $100 an hour for its services, but until the investigation is under way, it’s unknown what the final cost will be.

Under the non-binding MOU signed by Cooper and Dominion nearly a year ago, the Virginia-based utility and Duke Energy, co-owners of ACP, LLC, would pay $57.8 million for economic development and renewable energy projects along the 160-mile route through eastern North Carolina. The announcement of the MOU coincided by just hours with the Department of Environmental Quality’s granting of a key water quality permit for the project.

Republican lawmakers then introduced and passed House Bill 90, which funneled the money away from its original purpose and toward public schools in the affected counties. However, no money has been disbursed yet. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has not issued its final construction permits for part of the route in North Carolina, which would trigger half of the amount to be due.

The other half of the money would be payable when the ACP is completed. That could take years. Last week, a federal appeals court halted all construction on the 600-mile pipeline over US Fish and Wildlife’s questionable assessment of the project’s potential damage to endangered species.

DEQ and the governor’s office have denied working in tandem on the timing of the permit and the MOU. But Republican lawmakers want Eagle Intel to determine if the MOU involved “pay-to-play” — that the voluntary monetary contribution smoothed the way for the water quality permit.

Lawmakers, led by a Republican majoriy, informally requested documents from the governor’s office and DEQ about the MOU, but never received them, despite multiple inquiries. They filed a formal public records request last month. (Environmental advocates and the media, including Policy Watch, likewise filed records requests from the governor and received no documents of significance; the requests have yet to be completely fulfilled.)

Sen. Floyd McKissick, a Durham Democrat on the panel that hired Eagle Intel, said the governor’s office and DEQ are expected to provide documents by Dec. 20. “I think it’s premature to investigate,” McKissick said.

But the governor’s office, as if to say, “touche’,” filed its own records request with lawmakers. In a document dated today, Dec. 12, Kristi Jones, the governor’s chief of staff, formally asked for voluminous information that could reveal whether Republican lawmakers’ concerns are legitimate or merely a power play. Among the governor’s request is communications among legislators, staff and any third parties, including the state Republican Party, executive director Dallas Woodhouse and chairman Robin Hayes.

The agents, who were present at today’s subcommittee meeting, emphasized that they have “no political agenda, no dog in the fight.”

“We will follow where the facts lead us,” Brostrom said.

According to voter registration records, Brostrom and Greene are registered Republicans; Beers is unaffiliated.


Appellate court orders construction to halt along all 600 miles of Atlantic Coast Pipeline

All construction has stopped along the 600-mile route of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, including in North Carolina, after a Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling last Friday.

The basis for the court’s stay is the risk pipeline construction presents to four endangered species: the Indiana bat, Clubshell mussels, Rusty-Patched Bumblebee and the Madison Cave Isopod.

These species are found along a 100-mile stretch in Virginia and West Virginia.

Three plaintiffs — Defenders of Wildlife, the Sierra Club and the Virginia Wilderness Committee — have sued the Department of the Interior and the US Fish and Wildlife Service over their Biological Assessments and Incidental Take Permits related to the ACP.

Co-owned by Dominion Energy and Duke Energy, Atlantic Coast Pipeline, LLC, is not a defendant, but has intervened in the case.

Incidental Take Permits allow for a certain number of endangered or threatened species to be “harassed” or killed during the construction of a project. Although the four species mentioned in the case haven’t been found along the North Carolina route, more than two dozen, rare, threatened or sensitive species live in the forests, streams and rivers here. Among them are the Neuse River Waterdog, the Green Floater, Rafinesque’s Big-Eared Bat, Red-Cockaded Woodpecker, the Atlantic Pigtoe and the Carolina Fatmucket.

The project has been the target of several successful legal challenges, many of them based on federal permits and decisions that the court has found substantively lacking.

Atlantic Coast Pipeline spokesperson Aaron Ruby issued a statement on the project’s website, saying that the court’s stay should not extend to North Carolina.

We respectfully but strongly disagree with the court’s decision. We believe this stay is not only unwarranted, but overly broad. We are filing a motion for emergency clarification on the scope of the court’s decision.

We do not believe there is any basis for the court to stay the entire Biological Opinion, which authorizes all 600 miles of the project. The issues in this case involve a much narrower scope of the project covered under the Incidental Take Statement – only four species and roughly 100 miles in West Virginia and Virginia. We will have more clarity on the scope of the court’s stay and its impact on the project when the court responds to our motion.



Red Dome Group a no-show at yesterday’s nonprofit event, along with its money

Understatement of the year? A screenshot from Red Dome Group’s website.

Red Dome Group, the scandal-ridden political strategy and consulting firm behind the equally scandal-ridden Mark Harris congressional campaign has yet to pay money it owes a local nonprofit — money that might never materialize.

Red Dome requested a $2,000 sponsorship for the NC Free Enterprise Foundation‘s Annual Leadership luncheon, held Dec. 5, said NCFEF Executive Director Jonathan Kappler. Red Dome’s logo appeared on a brochure distributed at the event.

“I’ve not received their money,” Kappler said. “And I don’t know if I will.”

Kappler said he had no interaction with Red Dome. The firm requested a sponsorship on the morning of Nov. 30, shortly before the state board of elections announced it would not certify the Ninth Congressional District results because of ballot irregularities. “The timing was weird,” Kappler said.

At least two dozen companies sponsored the event, including Smithfield Foods, Duke Energy, lobbying and law firm Troutman Sanders, and Lime Bike.

“Nobody from Red Dome showed up,” Kappler said. “That’s not a surprise to me.”

No one answered the phone at Red Dome’s offices in Charlotte, which orchestrated Harris’s campaign strategy.

Red Dome continues to do business in North Carolina even though the Secretary of State’s Office administratively dissolved the company’s incorporation in August 2017. The firm had failed to file its required annual reports.

Red Dome incorporated in North Carolina in 2013. William Todd Poole and Scott Andrew Yates were listed as company principals.



Never voted absentee before? You might have been a prime target for ballot fraud in Bladen County.

Addresses where absentee ballots were returned to the state board of elections marked “undeliverable” (Data source: State Board of Elections)

At least half of undeliverable absentee ballots mailed to more than 200 Bladen County residents went to people who had never or rarely voted by that method. And another 15 to 20 were destined for inactive voters, some of whom had not voted in more than 10 years, according to an analysis of public records by Policy Watch.

Why these voters suddenly decided to start casting absentee ballots by mail, or to begin voting after such a long hiatus, is one of the many questions state investigators will try to answer in the case of apparent ballot fraud in North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District.

Republican Mark Harris, a conservative Christian who thinks women should be submissive to their husbands, squeaked by Democrat Dan McCready by just over 900 votes. The state board of elections has refused to certify the results after finding irregularities in absentee ballots.

There were at least two scenarios that have emerged in the ballot fraud, which includes not only voters in Bladen but also Robeson counties — and possibly others.

In the first scenario, ballot “harvesters” allegedly hired by McRae Dowless Jr., a contractor for Red Dome, which worked on behalf of the Harris campaign, went door to door and picked up absentee ballots from voters. But the ballots were not sealed in an envelope, and in at least one case, according to an affidavit signed by the voter, the harvester offered to “finish” the ballot for her.

Using the same data, here is how the undeliverable absentee ballots were clustered.

Once the unsealed ballots were collected, harvesters then allegedly took them to Dowless. From there, it is unclear what happened to the documents. If someone had voted for McCready, Harris’s opponent, the ballots might have been tossed in the trash or otherwise invalidated and sent to the board of elections. If the ballot had not been completely filled out, then someone on the Dowless team might have filled in the oval for Harris and sent it.

In the second scenario, prospective voters allegedly requested absentee ballots. But the envelopes containing the ballots could not be delivered and were marked “return to sender” to the state elections board. In a few instances, the ballots were successfully re-sent to the voter. But in many cases , the ballots seemed to go to people who had not actually requested them, and/or at addresses where they no longer lived. (One envelope was even sent back with handwriting “doesn’t live here.”)

The Dowless team might have trolled the voter rolls, printed out an absentee ballot request — which can be done online — and fraudulently filled out the form. The information from the voter rolls might have been outdated — thus the number returned to sender.

Certain streets and neighborhoods did seem targeted. (That would certainly make it easier for harvesters to make their rounds to collect the ballots.) Fifty of the ballots went to voters registered in the Elizabethtown 1 precinct and 46 were destined for those registered in Bladenboro 1.

In a review of 218 ballots that were mailed to the voters but were sent back marked “Return to Sender” to the state board of elections, 116 were destined for registered Democrats, 39 for Republicans, and 58 unaffiliated. In three cases, there was no record of registration.

Ninety-nine of the voters were Black. 1 was Latinx, 1 was American Indian, and 107 were white. Several voters did not designate a race or ethnicity.

Below is a database, constructed from state board of elections records, showing the names of the ballot recipients, their race, gender and party. Also included are their precinct, notes about their voting history, date they registered to vote and their address.


ADRAINNIE CAROLPETITTWFDBladenboro 2Votes infrequently, First time by mail9/5/0212849 NC 131Bladenboro 
ALICELESSANEBMRBethelVoted by my mail 2018 prim and gen7/15/0252 Pompie RdElizabethtown
AMBRE SHELEAAUTRYWFRElizabethtown 1INACTIVE but voted in 2018 primary7/29/10204 Wright StElizabethtown
ANDREMITCHELLBMUBladenboro 2Voted last in 2008, Wake County11/6/18148 Todd Britt CtBladenboro
ANDREA RENEEHILBURNWFRBladenboro 1inactive, not voted since 2010 3/1/18425 S Ashe StBladenboro
ANDREWPETITTWMUBladenboro 24/10/0412849 NC 131Bladenboro
ANGEL HOPEBASSWFUBladenboro 2never voted8/9/18135 Covenant CoveBladenboro
ANGELINE GAILROGERSBFDElizabethtown 1curbside and mail3/5/92911 MLK DrElizabethtown
ANGILA RENEEFERGUSONWFRBladenboro 1voted by mail 2x3/10/00428 S Ashe #4Bladenboro
ANTWANWILLISBMDCentralnever voted5/28/14233 Sand Pit RdElizabethtown
AUDTRA MCKOYCOLEBFDElizabethtown 22018 gen first time voting by mail3/21/72361 Lewis DrElizabethtown
BARBARA ANNFORDWFUBladenboro 2Never voted9/10/1811321 NC 242 SBladenboro
BARBARA ANNHATCHERWFDElizabethtown 1Consistently votes, but not absentee4/20/68109 Glenwood DrElizabethtown
BERNADETTE WOOTENCromartieBFDBethelLong time voter, first time 2018 gen by mail4/7/8678 PompieElizabethtown
BOBBYMCALLISTERBMDBrown MarshLong history of voting by mail10/3/0844 George W Kelly RdClarkton
BOBBY DALEBABSONWMRAbbottsAbsentee gen and primary.8/29/161676 NC 211 WClarkton
BRANDON EBLACKWELLWMRBladenboro 2Had never voted9/4/1855 Holly Britt CtBladenboro
BRENDA GAILSYKESWFDBladenboro 2Voted abs mail laSt two generals5/22/961260 Button RdBladenboro
BRODERICK ALTONWILLIAMSBMDStatus deniedNo history10/01/2018306 Cedar StElizabethtown
BRYAN BERNARDMARTINBMRElizabethtown 1often votes by mail10/5/10827 Moultrie LaneElizabethtown
BUCKSONELLISONBMDBrown Marshhasn't voted since 201010/30/0810898 S College StClarkton
CARNESHAROGERSBFDElizabethtown 1voted one stop 2018 gen4/11/141213 Cotton StElizabethtown
CAROLYNBALLARDBFDBethelSome history of abs mail10/5/04266 Short Hill RdTar Heel
CAROLYNMCKOYBFUElizabethtown 1absentee last 4 gens2/14/06400 Blanks StElizabethtown
CAROLYN COTTONMATHISBFDElizabethtown 1in person until 2018 gen10/19/68907 Fox StElizabethtown
CARRIE WILLISSMITHBFDCentralmail and curb3/12/16233 Sand Pit RdElizabethtown
CASANDRA DENISEMCALLISTERBFDBrown Marshvotes by mail 1/2 time10/4/0044 George W Kelly RdClarkton
CATHERINE DMOFFATWFDBethelAbs general req, then valid return, 10/25 and 10/1 but sent twice? 2/11/76583 Capetown Manor rdElizabethtown
CEDRIC LEVONLESANEBMDElizabethtown 1inactive; not voted since 201210/13/06200 Emma StElizabethtown
CHANDOLYN LAYNETODDWFUAbbottsAbsentee in prim & gen3/17/1885 Old Abbottsburg RdBladenboro
CHARLES LEONBROWNBMDFrenches CreekVoted in person election day, even tho absentee req 10/11/12196 Big Mack DrKelly
CHARLES THOMASWHITFIELDBMDBrown MarshAbsentee by mail since 201410/8/0810759 S College St #EClarkton
CHRISTIE LYNNCLAYTONWFUBrown Marshballot sent never voted; has never voted in Bladen11/6/12160 n clark StClarkton
CHRISTINA MAEHESTERWFUBladenboro 2history of mail in10/19/1055 Holly Britt CtBladenboro
CHRISTOPHERPAITWMUBethelVoted by my mail 2018 prim and gen2/1/02587 Lyon Landing RdElizabethtown
CHRISTOPHER BARTRUFFINBMDBladenboro 2has history of voting by mail2/22/04982 Bladenboro Airport RdBladenboro
CHRIStOPHER MICHAEL BARNESHORRELLWMULake CreekFirst time abs by mail general 20185/16/131272 Bay Tree DrHarrells
CHRISTY CHESHIRESTORMSWFUBladenboro 2last 4 by mail1/21/997242 NC 211 WBladenboro
CHRYSTAL MARIEFISHERWFRHollowin person prim 2018 mail general9/23/141123 NC 20St Pauls
CRYSTAL LAVONCRUMBBFDElizabethtown 1mail valid return5/3/1862 McAdam DrElizabethtown
CRYSTAL RENEEHESTERWFRBladenboro 1voted by mail 4X10/10/96428 S Ashe #1Bladenboro
CRYSTAL SHAWNDALEMCKIVERBFDElizabethtown 1voted in person 2018 general10/24/1241 Plum Tree LaneElizabethtown
DAISY MCDOWELLSMITHBFDElizabethtown 1in person12/21/00407 Della StElizabethtown
DANIEL CASHMYERSWMRBethelAbsentee in primary valid, then general 5/3/2018 requeSted4/13/18191 Stephies WayBladenboro
DANIEL KMAYERSWMRBethel4/13/18191 Stephies WayBladenboro
DARLENEMOULTRIEBFDElizabethtown 1first time voting by mail gen 20185/29/82810 James StElizabethtown
DAVID DELANECHRISTIANWMUBladenboro 2history of voting by mail2/21/01125 Dusty RdBladenboro
DAVID DEVONERUFFINBMDBladenboro 2Abs mail in last three generals2/11/08982 Bladenboro Airport RdBladenboro
DEBORAH JOYCEMATHISWFUCentralnot voted since 201411/18/97160 Sandy Ridge RdElizabethtown
DELOIS MLEWISBFDCentralvoted one stop 2018 gen9/7/16152 Pearl Lloyd RdWhite Oak
DEMETRIO PENASIERRAUMUElizabethtown 2Abs mail 2016 and 2018 generals2/25/16805 Riverside DrElizabethtown
DENISEGOODENWFUBladenboro 2voted by mail prim and gen 20185/1/0810849 NC 242 SBladenboro
DEWAYNEMCKOYBMDElizabethtown 1In person 201811/5/96706 Richardson StElizabethtown
DONALDBALLARDBMDBethelSome history of abs mail3/27/08266 Short Hill RdTar Heel
DONALD ELVISBLACKMONWMUCollyreq ballot but never voted in gen8/6/183715 US 701 NElizabethtown
DUANEMONROEBMDWhites Creekinactive; voted last in 201210/24/12294 McKoy RdClarkton
EDGARWARWICKWMUBladenboro 2Never voted9/10/1811321 NC 242 SBladenboro
EDNA FRANCISPACKERWFRBrown MarshVotes in person, consistent, didn't vote in 201810/3/75194 W Hester StClarkton
ELIZABETH HOWARDSMITHBFDBrown MarshVoted absentee in primary (valid)10/18/1210759 S College StClarkton
ELLEN TAYLORLUCASWFRCollyvoted one stop 2018 gen3/27/1740 Womack WayWhite Lake
ELLIOTT STOUGHTONMADDENWMUWhite Oakfirst vote in general 201812/5/16146 White Oak National DrWhite Oak
ELOISEMCKEEBFDBladenboro 2Abs gen 2018, curbside gen 201411/6/12419 Elizabethtown Rd #8aBladenboro
EMERALD DENISESINGLETARYBFDBladenboro 2Never voted, duplicate ballot, no return4/27/16706 Chestnut St #30Bladenboro
EMMA MAECHAVEZWFDWhite Oakno vote in 2018, never voted by mail3/3/16293 John T Council Cemetery LaneWhite Oak
ERIC JOSEPHHESTERWMUBladenboro 2mail in about 1/3 of time3/15/9455 Holly Britt CtBladenboro
EVA DCARTWRIGHTBFDCentralhasn't voted since 20144/20/68467 NC 53 WElizabethtown
EVANGELINE DEPREEJONESBFDElizabethtown 1never voted by mail4/9/82801 Blue St #AElizabethtown
EVELYN CAINCAINWFDBladenboro 2Has history of abs mail, curbside4/20/68811 W Seaboard stBladenboro
FRANCES PMELVINWFDWhite OakNever voted by mail til 2018 general4/1/08859 River RdWhite Oak
GAYLEMCALLISTERBFDBrown Marshvotes by mail 1/2 time10/7/8344 George W Kelly RdClarkton
GEORGEANDREWSBMDCarvers CreekFirst time abs by mail general 20183/13256 Brighten Rdriegelwood
GREGORY NEALBROWNBMDFrenches CreekINACTIVE; no vote since 20146/14/07196 Cutter RdKelly
HARVEY HOWARDJAMESWMUCollyinactive; voted last in 200910/22/0754 Womack Way #25White Lake
HELENROGERSBFDElizabethtown 1She requested a ballot on his behalf of her son; she never voted abs mail before3/10/722620 MLK DrElizabethtown
HILARY HESTERJOHNSONWFRBethelnever voted8/18/183873 Marsh RdBladenboro
HILDA FAYECromartieBFDElizabethtown 1in person prim 2018 mail general4/13/06806 Blue StElizabethtown
HOLLIE MARIECLARKWFRBladenboro 2voted by mail in 2018 primary only time voted3/12/18127 Todd Britt CtBladenboro
HORACEDRAYTONMDBrown Marsh3x of 4 voting by mail11/6/1238 George Kelly RdClarkton
HUGH CHAPMANDENNISWMDElizabethtown 1history of mail in2/19/141256 Cromartie RdElizabethtown
JACK THOMASTHOMPSON JRWMRAbbottsusually votes by mail8/13/0279 Burney RdBladenboro
JACQUELINE SUEBLACKMONWFDBladenboro 1Often voted abs9/20/72410 5th StBladenboro
JACQUELYN OLIVIADAVISBFDCentralby mail twice1/27/97141 John Council Cemetery RdWhite Oak
JAMES GLENNWILKINSWMDHollowdidn't vote by mail until 2018 prim/gen9/25/9182 Main StTar Heel
JAMES HMITCHELLBMDElizabethtown 1First time abs by mail general 20188/22/033371 Cromartie RdElizabethtown
JAMES LLOYDCORBETTBMDElizabethtown 1consistently votes by mail4/20/68706 MLK DrElizabethtown
JAMES ROBERTGILLBMDElizabethtown 13/4 of generals voted by mail8/22/03205 E Gill StElizabethtown
JAMES RUDOLPHINMANWMUElizabethtown 2long history of voting but in 2018 gen by mail4/6/681705 Broad StElizabethtown
JASON DEWAYNEROBINSONWMRBLADENBORO 2voted by mail 3x of 49/4/01502 Village StBladenboro
JASON EVANSMCKELLARWMDWhites CreekPrevious history of ab by mail2/7/001017 Allen Priest RdCouncil
JENNIFER MMATUSHINWFRBrown MarshHad never voted til absentee general9/4/1810987 S College StClarkton
JERRY WLESSANEBMRBethelVoted by my mail 2018 prim and gen3/22/8252 Pompie RdElizabethtown
JETTIE REEGRAHAMBFDCarvers Creeklong history of mail4/17/68272 Picket DrRiegelwood
JOE RALLEN JRWMUHollowvoted by mail first time primary 20187/21/97105 Robeson StTar Heel
JOHNLUCASWMUCollyvoted one stop 2018 gen3/27/1740 Womack WayWhite Lake
JOHN DANIELCAINWMDHollowFirst time abs by mail general 20188/26/96456 Pages Lake RdSt Pauls
JOHN JPOWELLWMDBladenboro 2Had voted for years in Robeson county9/4/1810075 NC 131 #2Bladenboro
JOHNNY LNEWKIRKMNo record of registrationREMOVED706 Chestnut StBladenboro
JOHNNY MATTHEWDRAYTONMDBrown Marshvoted in person gen 201810/6/08110 E Railroad StClarkton
JOYCE LOURETHAMCKIVERBFDCentralcurb and in person4/13/68152 Pearl Lloyd RdWhite Oak
JUDY BUIEPETERSONBFDElizabethtown 1absentee mail 2018 gen1/13/951011 Moultrie LaneElizabethtown
JUSTIN CALLIHANLOCKAMYWMUBladenboro 1not voted since 20168/22/02425 S Ashe StBladenboro
JUSTIN MATTHEWNUNNERYMDHollowonly time voting was in gen 2018 by mail3/12/12699 Main StTar Heel
KATHY MCMILLIAN BBLACKBURNWFRCollyin person 2018;8/10/107 Land LaneWhite Lake
KAYLA BARNESHALLWFRBladenboro 210/13/06613 S Seaboard StBladenboro
KEISHAWISEBFUcentralin person prim 2018 mail general9/29/172925 US 701 NElizabethtown
KEITHMOULTRIEBFDElizabethtown 1first time voting by mail gen 201810/7/99810 James StElizabethtown
KENNETHCHARBONNIERWMUBethelInactive voted municipal absentee mail 11-2017243 Armfield Stdublin
KIMBERLY MARIEGAPPINSWFDCollynever votes by mail11/5/96280Amethyst CirWhite Lake
KRISTALROBINSONBFDElizabethtown 1voted one stop 2018 gen11/2/042909 W BroadElizabethtown
LARONDA AGILLBFUElizabethtown 1absentee prim 201810/1/08205 E Gill StElizabethtown
LARRELL MANDATEMURCHISONBMDElizabethtown 2only vote mail in gen 20188/10/1887 Rosindale RdClarkton
LAURA ANNLEEBFDBrown Marshhistory of voting by mail11/5/9636 George w Kelly RdClarkton
LAURA VIRGINIAGRIMESWFUCollyfirst time gen 2018 voting by mail4/18/7044 Holiday Resort LnWhite Lake
LENNON DEANBUTLERWMUHollownever voted by mail4/6/0610 Berlene AveTar Heel
LEOHASSLERWMRColly1St time absentee7/28/178 Land LaneWhite Lake
LEO THOMASCromartieBMDBethelin person prim 2018 mail general4/6/9678 Pompie RdElizabethtown
LESLEY REGINACULLIPHERWFRCollyvoted by mail 2018 and 20149/4/184 Harmon St #4White Lake
LILLIE ETHELMARTINBFDElizabethtown 2curbside and mail8/4/001776 Mercer Mill/Brown Marsh RdElizabethtown
LINDA ANNWALTERSWFUBLADENBORO 2usually votes by mail10/8/84550 Sunset Park RdBladenboro
LINDA KAYBARFIELDHFRBethelOccasionally votes by mail9/23/10175 Armfield StDublin
LINDA MAESMITHBFDStatus deniedReq ballot 10/5/201810/01/20181103 Peanut Plant RdElizabethtown
LINDA ROGERSWILLIAMSBFDElizabethtown 1voted in person gen 20189/21/04306 Cedar StElizabethtown
LINDA ROUSERICHWFUBladenboro 1voted by mail 3x10/9/98422 S AsheBladenboro
LISA DOWLESSPAITWFUBethelvoted by mail in 2018 prim no vote in gen5/6/91587 Lyon Landing RdElizabethtown
LLOYD MarshALLSESSOMSWMUElizabethtown 2Inactive had never voted3/11/02262 Harrelson RdClarkton
LOLACAINWFDHollowFirst time abs by mail general 20188/20/96456 Pages Lake RdSt Pauls
LORINE GILFORDHENRYBFDElizabethtown 1history of voting by mail4/3/78803 Moutrie LnElizabethtown
LUBERTHA LEWISDRAYTONBFDBrown Marshhistory of voting by mail10/9/8338 George Kelly RdClarkton
LUELCAMPBELLBFDElizabethtown 1always in person until 2018 prim and gene4/13/68807 Fox StElizabethtown
LYNARD AJOHNSONWMDBladenboro 2First time abs by mail general 20184/20/681897 Cabbage RdBladenboro
LYNNE MARIEDEWOLFWFUBethelby mail in primary 2018 no vote in general4/9/0813 Bethel Church RdDublin
MAMIE HILLWHITEBFDBladenboro 2history of mail9/1/997352 NC 211 WBladenboro
MARGUERITE LEWISHUFHAMWFDBrown Marshmail in last two gens9/30/80231 N Mitchell Ford RdClarkton
MARILYN COUNCILROBINSONBFDWhite Oakvotes absentee in generals11/4/162098 Tar Heel Ferry RdWhite Oak
MARILYN DENICELOCKLEARAmerican IndianFUAbbotsVoted in 1994 in Robeson, then abs mail 5/8/2018 in bladen 2/25/182015 NC 211 WClarkton
MARJORIE KURMAYJOKELAWFDCollyabsentee mail since 20162/12/1823 Wilson Rd
MARLON BSYKESWMRBladenboro 2Abs general returned, then sent a second time? 9/4/18304 Village StBladenboro
MARYGANTTBFDLake Creekonly votes in general; first abs10/12/1234 Kildee DrHarrells
MARY ANN O'NEALGASKINSWFDElizabethtown 2didn't vote10/12/12209 Merceir Mill Rd #2cElizabethtown
MAXINECARRINGTONBFUFrenches Creekvoted in person gen 201811/5/1620162 NC 53 EKelly
MELISSAEDWARDSWFUBladenboro 2never voted8/13/181211 Storms RdBladenboro
MICHAELBROWNBMDElizabethtown 1mail general 20184/9/10916 Joel StElizabethtown
MICHAEL CMCKIVERBMDCentralhasn't voted since 201410/9/98268 Sand Pit RdElizabethtown
MICHAEL SHANNONEASONWMUBladenboro 2Abs 2018 gen and primary valid return 9/24/201811/22/02401 Edwards DrBladenboro
MICHELLE BONETWRIGHTBFDBrown Marshhistory of mail in10/10/161530 Mitchell FordClarkton
MICHELLIE ANNPOPEWFRCollyno previous mail in10/5/927027 US 701 NElizabethtown
MONAREIASCOTTBFDElizabethtown 1mail last two gens9/8/0618 McAdam DrElizabethtown
MONICA RLEWISBFDElizabethtown 1usually votes one stop occasionally by mail7/26/08404 Quail StElizabethtown
MONTREAL JERELROGERSBMDElizabethtown 1Abs mail 2014,16 valid then 2018 9/14/121213 Cotton StElizabethtown
NICOLEROGERSBFDElizabethtown 2voted 1 stop, 2018, few times mail4/9/98161 Jasmine Lane # 5bClarkton
NIKKI PLESHETTEMATHISBFUElizabethtown 110/9/94918 Joel StElizabethtown
NORRISLEE JRBMDBrown Marshfirst time voting by mail gen 20187/11/11653 Booker T Washington School RdClarkton
ODESSA POWELLJARMONBFDBLADENBORO 2No vote since 20128/31/0910075 NC 131 No. 2Bladenboro
PAMELA MICHELLEWRIGHTWFRBladenboro 1voted by mail 3x4/30/081206 Seaboard StBladenboro
PAMELA VENEERHENRYBFUElizabethtown 1first time mail in 2018 gen1/27/88282 McAdam DrElizabethtown
PATRICIA ERHEWWFRCollyone stop8/10/1844 Womack WayWhite Lake
PATRICIA HBELLWFUBladenboro 22016 general and 2018 First time by mail10/31/1670 Frederick Britt RdBladenboro
PATRICIA RENEHESSLERWFRCollyone stop 20185/5/1737 Land Lane #8White Lake
PATSY JACKSONHESTERWFRBladenboro 1LaSt voted in the 2004 general election8/31/208328 S Ashe StBladenboro
PEGGY MCKEENYEWFDElizabethtown 1long voter history, first time by mail in gen 20184/6/68403 woodland drElizabethtown
QUENTIN BRONZEROBINSONBMUElizabethtown 1Voted absentee in 2016, 14 10/1/082909 W BroadElizabethtown
RANDY SCOTTDEWOLFWMUBethelby mail primary and general 20183/24/0813 Bethel Church RdDublin
REGINATODDWFUAbbottsFirst time abs by mail primary and general 20182/26/9685 Old Abbottsburg RdBladenboro
ROBERT EUGENESELLERSWMDElizabethtown 1voted in person gen 20186/22/822507 First AveElizabethtown
ROBERT WAINJOKELAWMDCollyabsentee mail since 20162/12/1823 Wilson RdWhite Lake
RODREGUSDAVISBMDElizabethtown 1Never voted10/8/14713 Thompson AveElizabethtown
ROGER LANESTORMSWMUBladenboro 2last 4 by mail4/6/067242 NC 211 WBladenboro
ROY EUGENELOMAXWMUElizabethtown 1long time voter, never before by mail3/30/681612 Greenwood StElizabethtown
SABRINA ANNPRIDGENBFDElizabethtown 1No vote since 201611/4/16212 McAdam DrElizabethtown
SAMUEL MAURICERUSSWMUAbbottsconsistently votes, absentee only primary general 20182/13/781702 NC 211 WClarkton
SANDRA SUEJONESWFRBrown Marshvoted one stop 2018 gen12/19/17161 W Hester StClarkton
SAQUAD DANDRAEJOHNSONBMUSs doesn’t matchDENIEDDenied 10/9/2018713 Thompson AveElizabethtown
SCOTTIESTORMSWMUBladenboro 2all mail, incl prim gen 20183/24/147242 NC 211 WBladenboro
SHANE CHARLESTONTODDWMUAbbottsFirst time abs by mail primary and general 20182/11/9885 Old Abbottsburg RdBladenboro
SHANNONWALTONWFRHollowAbs mail and one stop first time vote 201811/4/16186 Winery WaySt Pauls
SHANTESE NICOLEBROWNBFUElizabethtown 1never voted by mail4/9/08162 McAdam DrElizabethtown
SHAQUILLEWHITEBMUBethelinactive never voted, but two absentee ballots sent in gen and prim 4/11/18659 Twisted Hickory RdElizabethtown
SHARYN SILERSILERWFDHollowAbs mail 2016 & in 2018 gen10/14/1156 Davis Farm RdSt Pauls
SHERRIS ANNETTEMCMILLIANBFDElizabethtown 1had voted absentee mail in 20143/12/81701 Richardson St #D1Elizabethtown
SHERRY MARIEHILLWFRBethelVoted absentee in primary (valid)4/13/18191 Stephies WayBladenboro
SHIRLEY GINTELLEINWANDWFDElizabethtown 1long history of mail4/20/682206 Second AveElizabethtown
STANZELLKELLYMDElizabethtown 1INACTIVE4/20/10424 MLK DriveElizabethtown
STEVEN DDAVISWMDRemovedNo history;6/30/08801 Campbell RdClarkton
STEVEN LEEMOFFATWMDBethelAbsentee 1 Stop but also an absentee ballot1/18/78151 Riverview RdElizabethtown
STEVEN RAYCOLLIERWMRCollyin person gen 20182/19/1620 Elaine LaneWhite Lake
Table 1
TAMIKA HOPESMITHBFDElizabethtown 1one stop10/29/081103 Peanut Plant RdElizabethtown
TEKISHAROGERSBFDElizabethtown 1voted one stop 2018 gen9/20/001213 Cotton St
THALIAMCKOYBFDElizabethtown 1often voted by mail4/9/94400 Blanks StElizabethtown
THEODORECARTWRIGHTBMDCentralinactive; not voting since 20144/20/68467 NC 53Elizabethtown
THOMASMARTIN JRBMDElizabethtown 2Inactive? Voted curbside in primary lots of mail before that7/31/001776 Mercer Mill /Brown Marsh rdElizabethtown
THOMAS MORGANJOHNSONWMDElizabethtown 2Never voted abs mail, no vote in 20185/16/02406 Hall StElizabethtown
TIMOTHY LEONCLIFTONWMUCollylong history never voted by mail11/1/07408 White Lake DrWhite Lake
TINA LOUISEGAINEYBFUBrown MarshHad not voted since 20148/31/00250 Edgewood StClarkton
TONY JERMAINEAUTRYBMDTurnbullINACTIVE, votes occasionally in gen9/15/08131 Fox Trot LnElizabethtown
TONY NEQUANISKILPATRICKBMDCentralnot voted since 201410/21/08109 Sand Pit RdElizabethtown
VANESSA DENISEHALLBFDElizabethtown 1in person prim 2018 mail general10/22/12803 Williams StElizabethtown
VERNIAGILBERTBFDBladenboro 27/15/99366 Lawrence Brown RdBladenboro
VINCENT BROWNFOYBMDFrenches Creekhistory of voting by mail, but did in person gen 201810/12/12589 Lightwood Knot RdKelly
VINCENT ESEALSWMRCollyAbsentee req 10/25/2018; never voted9/4/182025 Sweet Home Church RdElizabethtown
WANDA LEEBRITTWFUElizabethtown 1First time abs by mail primary and general 20187/27/99145 Ed Sessoms RdClarkton
WENDY DENISEDAVIDSONWFUBladenboro 2never voted by mail, but has by curbside4/10/96209 Walnut St #2dBladenboro
WILLIAMSTEPHENSBMDBladenboro 2inactive; hadn’t voted since 200810/3/04706 Chestnut StBladenboro
WILLIAMmonroeWMUHollownot voted since 201s2/17/16119 Mills StTar Heel
WILLIAM ALLENKINDREDBMDCentralvoted absentee 2018 gen, only vote12/8/165718 NC 53 WWhite Oak
WILLIAM JORDANSEWARDWMRHollowvotes in gen, first time gen by mail 20189/23/141123 NC 20St Pauls
WILLIAM NEILJACKSONWMUHollowhistory of mail votes4/11/14484 Pages Lake RdSt Pauls
WILLIAM THOMASMCDOWELLBMDElizabethtown 2mail general 2018 no voting since 20004/19/99210 David StElizabethtown
WILMA EVERSHESTERWFRBladenboro 1voted by mail 3x9/20/9611 Richardson RdBladenboro
WYATT JOSEPHHESTERWMRBladenboro 2Voted First time primary 2018; mail in, one stop general11/14/1755 Holly Britt CtBladenboro
YOLANDA CHANELMCKOYBFDElizabethtown 1Voted First time gen 201810/30/18208 Scrimon StElizabethtown
ZELDA RUTHMCEACHERNBFDBrown Marshhistory of mail and curbside10/2/931116 NC 211 WClarkton
ZHANEMITCHELLBFDElizabethtown 1First time abs by mail general 201810/12/123371 Cromartie RdElizabethtown