McCrory denies discontinuation of TANF operation during federal shutdown; Price, Butterfield, Watt respond

In response to Democratic members of North Carolina’s Congressional delegation questioning why NC decided to discontinue operation of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program, Governor McCrory sent an email to the offices of Representatives Butterfield, Price and Watt:

“Your letter incorrectly stated that North Carolina had decided ‘to discontinue the operation’ of the TANF programs. North Carolina, like other states, was able to use carry-over funds for the TANF programs during the shutdown. However, because of the dysfunction in Washington, even after two weeks, Washington still had not authorized federal funding or reimbursement of the states for state expenditures. North Carolina acted responsibly and notified the service providers that federal funding for Work First programs may not be available in November.”

Reps Butterfield, Price and Watt in turn responded with a letter today saying:

“Your assertion that you did not discontinue the operation of the TANF program is simply not credible. Your administration did not merely ‘[notify] the service providers that federal funding for Work First programs may not be available in November.’ The notice that your administration sent to county social services directors on October 10th (copy attached) expressly directed them to cease processing new applications for benefits ‘until federal funds become available.’ In addition, the notice stated unequivocally that the state would be ‘unable to make any Work First Family Assistance payments in November 2013’ absent congressional action.”

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Lunch Links: A Techy Thursday

– Cory Booker mayor of Newark, New Jersey, defeated Steve Lonegan (R.) Wednesday in a special election for a Senate seat. Booker is an avid user of social media and tweets about his daily life, you know, like saving a woman from a burning building.

– Booker will be joining the ranks of only four African Americans to have been directly elected to the Senate in American history.

– Meanwhile, Anthony Weiner blames the internet for losing his gubernatorial bid.

– Our phones can now help us communicate via calls, texts, video, snapchats… but hey what about smells? Well, no worries, “vapor communication” coming soon with the OPHONE.

– If technology is moving too fast for you, feel free to step back to Super Mario Brothers for a little blast from the past on your Web browser.

Just remember it’s going to be the future soon.

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Lunch Links Friday – Let’s dance and watch movies.

For your Friday lunch break, I bring to you firstly, an amazing performance of the Japanese group World Order, welcoming the world to Japan for Olympics 2020 Tokyo. The city was chosen over Istanbul and Madrid last month by the IOC for the summer games.

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Basketball Star

Speaking of worldwide sensations, remember Jeremy Lin? The Harvard graduate who gained fame playing for the New York Knicks back in 2011-12? Well, he’s gained international hype already as a player and now there’s a documentary about him. The film opens in select cities and theaters. But luckily for all you Lin fans, the movie might be stopping by Morrisville later this month. As of this writing, 10 more ticket reservations are needed for the movie to come to the Tar Heel state. Reserve your own tickets here.
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Worse than NAFTA? Lori Wallach disusses the Trans-Pacific Partnership [video]

This past Thursday, Lori Wallach from Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch shared with us at our Crucial Conversation event the threat posed by the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that trade officials from the U.S. and 11 Pacific Rim nations are negotiating in hopes of reaching agreement this fall.

Here is the video from the talk (also linked here.):

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Lunch Links: Tech Stuff

Lunch Break!

1.) Samsung announces gold Galaxy S4 – Not to be outdone by Apple, I suppose.

2.) If you are planning on getting the new iPhones, check out these drop tests.

3.) This online gallery features art from Latino artists in the U.S. and artists in Latin America.

4.) Too many gadgets and don’t want to be charged with extra fees on airlines? Get this jacket.

5.) You’ve probably seen over the past year or two of the viral red marriage equality campaign meme. Read about its success here.

6.) I leave you with Twitter, the Musical:

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7.) Something more serious. Amid riots, Sudan loses internet access: