Taking on the free-market fundamentalists

Chris Fitzsimon and Rob Schofield take on the free-market fundamentalists in two separate commentaries.

In is “The Follies” column, Fitzsimon examines higher education from the selling-out of our university systems to cronyism and privatization schemes.

Rob Schofield writes a Radical Right Reality Check about the take over of the Wake County School Board and the new members’ blatant disregard for open meeting laws in his commentary entitled “An embarrassment to themselves.”



Chris Fitzsimon attended the Wake County School Board meeting and shares his perspectives on the strong-arm tactics used by the newly sworn-in members in his column entitled “The dismantling begins.”

In his commentary “The press conference before the cart,” Fitzsimon chastises Gov. Bev Perdue for promising what she can’t deliver, namely the completion of Charlotte’s I-485 outer loop and accuses her of chasing poll numbers.