Democrats unveil resolution to impeach Trump, fearing a self-pardon

More on the 25th Amendment and how it might be invoked to remove Trump from office

WASHINGTON — A rapidly rising number of federal lawmakers are calling for President Donald Trump to be removed from office, either through a process outlined in the 25th Amendment or through impeachment.

Congressman Price calls on VP Pence to invoke the 25th amendment

The dean of North Carolina’s congressional delegation is calling on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th amendment and immediately remove President Trump from office.

Rep. David Price (NC-04) said the action is warranted as President Trump has fomented rage among his supporters with baseless conspiracies about the election, leading up to Wednesday’s acts of insurrection by pro-Trump supporters.

“I call on Vice President Pence and cabinet members to uphold their oath to the Constitution and invoke the 25th Amendment immediately to remove President Trump from office. President Trump’s erratic behavior, his refusal to honor his constitutional duties, and his incitement of an attack on the very seat of democracy leave us no choice. It is too dangerous to wait until January 20th.”

Price says Congress must also do its part to protect democracy. The Chapel Hill Democrat is co-sponsoring two complementary impeachment resolutions.

The first charges Trump for his call to the Georgia Secretary of State to “find” over 11,000 votes and for abuse of power. The 2nd resolution charges Trump with incitement of insurrection.

Price calls the president’s conduct both criminal and impeachable. North Carolina Congresswoman Kathy Manning (NC-06) is also supporting this action.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters on Thursday if Trump’s Cabinet failed to act, the House might.

And more than 24 hours after encouraging his supporters to march on the Capitol and “fight like hell” Trump was back on Twitter Thursday night (after a 12-hour suspension) saying he was “outraged by the violence, lawlessness and mayhem.”

National Guard sent to D.C. as police defend response to mob takeover at Capitol

Open letter: Political scientists call for Trump’s removal under the 25th Amendment

A growing list of more than 1,000 political scientists asked Congress, Vice President Mike Pence and cabinet members to remove President Trump from office by invoking the 25th Amendment, amplifying voices of some lawmakers from both parties and industry groups demanding the same.

“The President’s actions show he is unwilling or unable to fulfill his oath to protect and defend the Constitution,” wrote signatories of the letter after rioting Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol Wednesday.

The 25th Amendment has never been invoked, and is viewed as a last resort or safety net when a sitting president cannot fulfill their job duties.

A mob broke into the Senate chamber during certification of the Electoral College votes, forcing members of Congress to evacuate. Many lawmakers, including the North Carolina delegation condemned their violence.

Dr. Michael Bitzer of Catawaba College, courtesy photo

“The protesters yesterday, until they climbed the steps, went past the barricades were also exercising their first amendment rights,” said Michael Bitzer, professor of politics and history at Catawaba College. “They gave up those rights when they started breaking glass and busting down doors and climbing over walls and entering the chambers, as they did.”

Bitzer noted it was the first time he has ever signed an open letter, which symbolizes many political scientists “speaking with one voice and saying that enough is enough”.

President Trump spoke to his supporters earlier in front of the White House and tweeted voter fraud claims throughout Wednesday morning. After the Capitol breach, he then urged them to remain peaceful in a video he posted on Twitter, “We have to have peace; We have to have law and order.” But in the same video, he still said “we have an election that was stolen from us”. Twitter later disabled the viewing of the content.

Bob Orr, former North Carolina Supreme Court Associate Justice called Trump’s gesture “too late and insincere”.

“We have never had a chief executive call for and instigate an insurrection or seditious activity like what we saw yesterday,” Bitzer added that Trump also took no initiative to protect the duly-elected members of Congress. “When one branch is under attack physically it is the duty of the commander in chief to ensure that that violence is put down that commander in chief failed yesterday.”

A Republican himself, Orr said the GOP has continued to enable Trump and his supporters to engage in conspiracy theories, spread hatred and instigate violence ever since he started to run for office. Orr explained what angered him the most was that many Republicans continued to contest the election results as if nothing had happened Wednesday night.

“Any elected official for sure needs to be held accountable to the laws of the country and the constitutional limitations on them, and when they violate them they need to pay the consequences,” Orr said. “For four years, Donald Trump … has gotten away with all sorts of violations of the law and breaches of the Constitution in my opinion, and we will see what happens next.”