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Senators urge federal funding for state distribution of COVID-19 vaccine


NC certifies 2020 election results and puts up some staggering numbers

The North Carolina State Board of Elections voted Tuesday to certify all but a handful of contests in the 2020 general election.

“We officially recorded the voices of more than 5.5 million North Carolinians in certifying this historic election,” said Karen Brinson Bell, executive director of the State Board of Elections.

Other notable numbers from the November 3rd election as highlighted by the state board:

7.36 million: Registered NC voters (most in NC history)

5.55 million: Ballots cast (most in NC history)

75.35: Percent turnout of registered voters (most in modern NC history)

1 million: Absentee by-mail ballots cast (most in NC history)

471: Early voting sites (most in NC history)

77,887: Early voting hours (most in NC history)

348,000: In-person early votes cast on October 15 (most ever in a single day)

3.63 million: In-person early votes cast (most in NC history)

900,000: Approximate ballots cast on Election Day (November 3)

2,660: Precincts open on Election Day

57,017: Poll workers recruited through Democracy Heroes program

14 million: Items of personal protective equipment delivered to county boards of elections

6 million: Single-use pens delivered to county boards

0: Clusters of COVID-19 tied to voting sites in North Carolina

Only five races were not authenticated this week due to pending election protests: Chief Justice of the N.C. Supreme Court, District Court Judge – 10F (Wake County), N.C. House District 36 (Wake County), Hoke County Board of Education and Wayne County Register of Deeds.

A statewide recount is underway in the Chief Justice race where Paul Newby holds a 432 vote lead over Cheri Beasley.


Trump goes into full P.T. Barnum mode with latest fundraising scam

One thing you can never accuse Donald Trump of is suffering from a lack of gall. No one in the history of American politics at the national level has ever possessed, much less maintained for decades, such a complete and unshakable willingness to stare straight into the eyes of his most loyal supporters and lie like a cheap rug.

Sometimes the substance and potential consequences of these lies have been horrific — as when he has compromised national security by telling falsehood after falsehood about his relationship with his buddy Vladimir Putin or, more recently, when he threatened to undermine our democracy by challenging the legitimacy of a national election.

More, often, however, Trump’s scam is to spew B.S. like a two-bit carnival barker in hopes of lining his own pockets. Like a 21st Century P.T. Barnum, Trump knows that his target audience is utterly hoodwinked and he is willing to debase just about anyone or anything in order to keep playing the con.

For the latest ridiculous head slapper of an example, check out the following excerpts from an email solicitation sent last evening by the man who will remain, for 56 more long and frightening days, President of the United States:



You’ve always been there for me no matter what. Despite everything the Fake News media and Democrats have thrown at us, your loyalty has never wavered.

To show you how much I appreciate your support, I want to do something special for YOU:

For a short time, when you make a contribution of $30, my team will send you our ICONIC “COUNT ALL LEGAL VOTES” shirt FOR FREE.

This offer is available to you for ONE HOUR, Rob. After that, you may never get another chance to receive a FREE “COUNT ALL LEGAL VOTES” shirt.

Please contribute $30 IMMEDIATELY to support your favorite President and to claim your FREE “COUNT ALL LEGAL VOTES” SHIRT. >>

I REALLY want you to have this LIMITED EDITION shirt, Rob.

There isn’t much time left, so don’t wait.

Just contribute $30 NOW and claim your FREE “COUNT ALL LEGAL VOTES” SHIRT

Thank you,




Donald J. Trump
President of the United States

P.S. As always, everything is made in America.


As is always the case with Trump, it’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry at the preposterous gibberish that appears above and under his name. But given the almost certain fact that hundreds of poor souls of modest means across our great country raced last night to beat the one-hour “deadline” by sending some of their hard-earned cash to this shameless charlatan, both responses would be fully in order.

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More in NC go hungry in the pandemic, NCCU finds

Nearly 80% of North Carolinians are at least considering sharing a meal with someone outside their household on Thanksgiving or winter holiday, and nearly 18% reported having too little food on at least one day in the previous week, according to preliminary results from an online survey conducted
Nov. 17-22.

N.C. Central University researchers sponsored the survey on COVID-19 and its effects on households. Researchers found increased food insecurity and lower household incomes.

“This suggests food insecurity is higher than it has been,” Christopher Paul, NCCU assistant professor of public administration and principal investigator on the food insecurity research project, said in an interview. “In this initial analysis, it’s at some of its highest levels in recent history.”

Thirty-two percent of respondents to NCCU’s survey reported losing income, and 38% said that if they got sick, it was unlikely they could count on neighbors to shop for them.

It’s not known whether the 77.4% who said they were at least considering dining with people outside the household over the holidays planned to do so indoors or outdoors, Paul said. Nearly 40% answered “yes” to the question.

“We don’t know a lot about how people are gathering,” Paul said. “A major factor is there is a confusion about what is safe, and there’s still a great desire to gather.”

The survey helps expose the COVID-19 pandemic’s broad impact, he said.

“We see how our food and well-being intersect. It shows these vast impacts on our wellbeing as individuals and as a society. There are things we can do as a society, checking in on neighbors, through government and nongovernment organizations, to make sure we maintain people’s access to food and social supports.”

The 1,345 respondents were part of an internet survey panel and include residents in 97 counties. NCCU’s full report is expected in mid-December.

The US Department of Agriculture reported 13.1% of North Carolina households from 2017-2019 did not have enough food, relied on food banks or food stamps, or used other strategies to eat.

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Editorial: Election confirms once again what voter ID laws are really about

In case you missed it yesterday, be sure to check out the latest lead editorial in Raleigh’s News & Observer: “The 2020 election did expose one fraud: the GOP case for Voter ID.”

As the editorial explains, the recently concluded election, in which more Americans than ever cast a vote, demonstrated once again why voter ID laws serve no useful purpose other than to discourage lawful voters from voting. After explaining how, despite a nationwide GOP effort to ferret out fraud, virtually none has been found, the editorial puts it this way:

If there was an election in which the GOP could prove widespread voter fraud instead of just imagining it, 2020 was it.

Instead, Americans learned what experts had long told us. Election fraud is rare, and the kind of fraud that Voter ID would address – people going to a precinct and attempting to vote as someone else – is almost non-existent. As of Thursday, the Trump campaign and other Republican interests have filed more than 30 election lawsuits in 6 states. No court has found a single instance of fraud.

That shouldn’t be a surprise. One exhaustive study of 12 years of elections in five states found only 500 cases of alleged voter fraud. In 2016, North Carolina’s Board of Elections found that 4,769,640 votes were cast in November and that one would probably have been avoided with a voter ID law.

And while the editorial readily concedes that there will always be isolated incidents of fraud anytime 150 million people cast ballots, it rightfully observes that a much more dangerous threat to the integrity of elections is to be found in the behavior of Trump toadies like Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who tried to get the Georgia Secretary of State to toss out legal ballots in areas that voted for President-elect Biden. Here’s the excellent conclusion:

That’s fraudulent, too, by the way. But it’s not new. In North Carolina, Republican lawmakers have spent the past decade pushing for measures that make it harder for their opponents’ supporters to cast a ballot. They crafted a 2013 grab bag of voter suppression measures, including new voter identification requirements, that a federal court threw out because it deliberately diluted the power of Black voters and targeted them with “almost surgical precision.” They’ve had a subsequent attempt at Voter ID blocked by state and federal judges because of the possibility of discriminatory intent. A federal appeals court heard oral arguments on that law in September.

Such measures have long been unnecessary, and the 2020 election once again showed why. Americans didn’t cheat. We voted. Republicans should stop trying to make that harder.

Click here to read the entire editorial.