The Sunday News and Observer front page story about hydraulic drilling for natural gas (known as fracking) missed some important collateral damage that North Carolinians could face if dangerous fracking were permitted in our state. Combine this with what we already know about the threats to groundwater and one has to wonder why Republican General Assembly Representatives Bob Rucho, Kelly Hastings and Mike Hager are still pushing it. Read More


It will take place at 12:00 noon, next Thursday, November 10 at the Center for Community Leadership Training Room at the Junior League of Raleigh Building, 711 Hillsborough St. (corner of Hillsborough and St. Mary’s streets).

Attendees will get up to speed on the state policy debate surrounding this important environmental policy issue and hear from two Pennsylvania farmers who have experienced the impact of fracking up close and personal.

Click here for more information and to register for this important event.


A great editorial in today’s NY Times from Paul Krugman where he slices and dices the Republican analysis that environmental regulations are taking jobs and killing the economy.

“…there are a number of industries inflicting environmental damage that’s worth more than the sum of the wages they pay and the profits they earn — which means, in effect, that they destroy value rather than create it. ”

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