Radicals, not conservatives, holding U.S. government hostage

Veteran poltical scientist Norman Orenstein hits the nail on the head in this morning’s column for The Atlantic, which is entitled:  “The Republican Hardliners Aren’t Conservatives, They’re Radicals.”

“In their third iteration of shutdown poker, House Republicans eagerly seized on a new approach: to demand the removal of all subsidies for members of Congress and their staffs for health insurance. They framed this as treating Congress just like other Americans. It is utter nonsense. Most Americans have health insurance through their employers, and the lion’s share of their insurance premiums are paid — tax free — by their employers. Nothing in the Affordable Care Act will change this. Members of Congress and their staff have traditionally been treated the same as other federal employees; they purchase insurance on the federal employees health insurance marketplace, with 72 percent of their premiums covered.

A capricious amendment to the Affordable Care Act offered by Senator Chuck Grassley, Read more