Fitzsimon on McCrory’s mediocre first year

ICYMI, check out Chris Fitzsimon’s rundown of Pat McCrory’s first year as Governor of North Carolina. It’s long list of missteps that Chris lays out. Here’s the conclusion:

“One thing McCrory can’t change is that he is rightly perceived by the voters as a governor who at the very least allowed the Tea Party General Assembly to slash education funding, attack women’s rights, make it more difficult to vote, deny health care to 500,000 people by refusing Medicaid expansion, deny emergency unemployment benefits to 170,000 laid off workers, dismantle environmental protections, and give tax cuts to out of state corporations and the wealthy.

No wonder folks aren’t too thrilled with him. Nobody voted for McCrory to be a rubber stamp for the Tea Party element of the Republican Party now running the General Assembly.

So as 2013 draws to a close, it’s not the members of the media that are McCrory biggest problem, it is the radical policies of his administration and the Republican Party he leads. Here’s hoping that, somehow, a little more of that moderately conservative mayor appears in 2014. The state can’t stand too much more of this.”


– See more at: http://www.ncpolicywatch.com/2013/12/23/mccrorys-mediocre-2013/#sthash.B9eT1ElI.dpu

Another head scratcher of a week for the Guv

Pat McCrory 5In case you missed it, check out yesterday’s edition of the Fitzsimon File for a neat summary of Governor McCrory’s latest long, strange week. As Chris notes:

“McCrory ran for office promising to change what he kept calling ‘the culture of corruption’ in Raleigh. Who knew he was planning to replace it with a culture of chaos in the governor’s office?”

This morning’s Greensboro News & Record picks up on the same theme with an editorial about the man who grew up nearby and who now inhabits the Governor’s office entitled “McCrory puzzles.’

“People struggling to understand Pat McCrory might give up after Wednesday. The governor delighted some, angered others and confused most everyone.” Read more