Pope-Civitas group hits yet another new low with attack on public ed advocate

Another day, another utterly absurd, “you can’t make this stuff up” release from the Pope-Civitas Institute. Today’s ridiculously obtuse entry: An attack on a Raleigh businesswoman tabbed by a group of business leaders to help lead their efforts to support public education because — shudder the thought! — she volunteered at one point to help the Great Schools in Wake organization that fought the re-segreation of Wake County schools.

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Tata’s apology a hopeful sign

As noted in this space last week, Wake County schools Superintendent Anthony Tata blew his cool and overstepped the bounds of his position when he wrongfully questioned the ethics of some school board members with whom he’s apparently been having some differences.

Happily, it appears that Tata has now backed off of his inaccurate and inappropriate attack. Last Friday, he signed on to a joint statement with the board members in question in which acknowledged the errors of his ways. Good for him.

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The General flips his lid

Caring and thoughtful people have been skeptical of Wake County schools superintendent Anthony Tata ever since the Tea Partying former military man with extremely limited education experience was installed a little over a year ago by the re-segregationist school board majority that had been wielding a wrecking ball on the school system. Many of these people, however, bit their tongues over the past 13 months in an effort to be open-minded and supportive of attempts to build bridges and find common ground.

Now, however, it’s quite clear that such efforts were futile and that Tata is little more than a puppet voice for the same forces that owned and manipulated the former “gang of five” — that is, the far right, Art Pope-Bob Luddy-Paul Stam school privatization crowd that’s been doing everything in its power to undermine free and diverse public schools.

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More red flags for Wake school superintendent’s “choice” plan

This is just out from the good people at Great Schools in Wake:

Contacts: Yevonne Brannon/Patty Williams FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Tel: 919-244-6243/919-696-8059
Email: info@greatschoolsinwake.org


Raleigh, NC—February 17, 2012— Great Schools in Wake (GSIW) is again calling for a full public disclosure of the detailed financial analysis behind the new “choice” student assignment plan. The latest proposal tied to the new assignment plan —a new busing system that significantly affects bell schedules—boasts a theoretical cost savings based on the old assignment plan, without demonstrating how it will offset the undocumented costs of the new.

“Superintendent Tata’s actions continue to erode the public’s trust. The plan he rushed through is starting Read more