New voter ID poll results

New from the League of Women Voters and Democracy NC:

Super Majority Supports Giving Voters a Non-Photo Option And Opposes Restrictions that Target Particular Groups

RALEIGH – A survey by one of the nation’s most respected polling firms adds new insights into how North Carolinians view a proposed requirement for voters to show a government-issued photo identification document before voting.

The poll by SurveyUSA indicates that 75 percent of voters favor a photo ID requirement, but 70 percent would not turn away a registered voter who doesn’t have one, if the voter signs an affidavit and provides a verifiable ID number such as a date of birth or social security number.

The current version of House Bill 589 does not include this back-up option. The bill allows voters without a photo ID to cast a provisional ballot, but the ballot will not count unless the voter returns after Election Day and shows officials a government photo ID.

The poll indicates a strong majority of voters also oppose voting restrictions that are aimed at a particular party or group Read more


“James Crow” redistricting

This the NAACP’s statement on the redistricting lawsuit filed today.

November 4, 2011

DURHAM – Earlier this week, after spending 60 days looking at a cleverly designed scheme to resegregate voters in North Carolina, the U.S. Department of Justice informed us that the U.S. Attorney General did not “interpose any objection” to the scheme.  The next sentence in the letter said, “However, we note that Section 5 expressly provides that the failure of the Attorney General to object [to a redistricting scheme] does not bar subsequent litigation (our emphasis) to enjoin the enforcement of the changes.”

That is what we did this morning at Wake Superior Court in Raleigh, NC.  Read more