The Siren’s Song

siren 2Lean a little to the right and you might be drawn in by the conservative’s call. It’s easy to understand why the melody appeals to many people who hear it. Conservatives take every problem we face and make it someone else’s. The latest verse in the conservative siren’s song deals with population growth.

In response to last week’s press conference by Partnership for North Carolina's Future, where business leaders and advocates urged the state to begin making capital investments and building infrastructure to support North Carolina’s projected population growth over the next twenty years, John Hood writes the following in his journal:

[I]t sure sounds like the best thing to do is: absolutely nothing. If the millions come, the result would be to raise my taxes. But if my taxes aren’t raised to build stuff, millions won’t come. So, as a taxpayer, I know what isn’t in my interest and how to avoid it.

According to Mr. Hood, we don’t need to worry about having enough schools, sewers or highways to accommodate an influx of people equivalent to the population of South Carolina. No, you & I can just sit back and let the next generation worry about it. It’s not our problem.

Yup, the best way to approach the future is to turn your back and hold on tight to your wallet. Good example of visionary leadership, John. Honestly, although I disagree with you on many things I expected better from you on this, but then I guess you’re stuck singing that same old song of yours.