The phenomenon of former politicians cashing in as lobbyists is a time-honored (if almost always odoriferous) tradition in the U.S. Sometimes, however, one has to admit that the pairing of the pol and the special interest is a made-in-heaven match.

And so it is with former Congresswoman Sue Myrick (who is also the mother of the state’s always entertaining Lt. Governor, Dan Forest).  The Charlotte Observer reports this morning that Myrick’s new gig is as a flack for a trade group that wants to make it easier to import shoes from sweat shop manufacturers overseas.

The aptness of Myrick’s new position was not lost on a pair of insightful commenters on the Observer website who offered the following, on-the-money comments:

Donald Latham

Lobbying for tariff breaks for shoe importers is a fitting and proper job for Mrs Myrick. After all, she spent her entire career in Congress advocating policies that exported hundreds of thousands of textile, apparel, and furniture jobs that were in the Carolinas to third world countries.

William Hollar

And since then, more Carolinians been
Be sure to follow Hollar’s link to get his amusing point.