The good folks at Public Policy Polling have a fascinating memo out this morning on the recent election results in Wake County.

The message: Taking it to the right-wing does more to energize Democrats and to win over independents.  

“This was not a race where Democrats played nice- they took the fight to the Republican candidates and exploited their close ties to an increasingly unpopular Tea Party movement.  And it worked, in a district Read More

The folks on Right Wing Avenue will be having a little gathering this Saturday in Sanford. The event is billed as “A Citizen’s Constitutional Workshop.” It’s co-sponsored by the Locke Foundation, a Locke initiative known as the North Carolina History Project, the Lee County branch of Americans for Prosperity and a group called Moore Tea Citizens. 

By all appearance, this is but the latest in a series of such events of this ilk — ultra-conservative Pope employees with degrees waxing poetic and nostalgic about the genius of propertied old white guys in wigs and knee breeches.

Still, it’s always fun to check out some of the co-sponsors of these shindigs to see just how long it takes to get to the seamy underbelly of the modern American right. Read More

There’s a bit of current North Carolina political mythology (not infrequently invoked in the General Assembly and even in some semi-reasonable circles)  that Speaker Thom Tillis is “not a bad guy.”

Under this line of reasoning, Tillis is no fire-breathing right-winger; he’s just a “business conservative” trying to ride herd on an unruly group of tea-partier types.

Unfortunately, Read More