This is a fertilized human egg as pictured under a high-powered microscope. In actuality, it is about 1/10 of a millimeter in size (or 1/10,000th of a meter or 0.00394 inches).

According to a large group of powerful American politicians – including this group of U.S. congressmen and women - this egg (however it was fertilized — even if by an act of extreme and horrifying violence — and whatever the circumstances of the woman carrying it) should have “all the legal and constitutional attributes and privileges of personhood” available under the U.S. Constitution.

Right now, Americans are engaged in a fundamental debate as to whether this remarkably extreme and terrifying point of view will hold sway in our country. It is hard to believe that it will, but it will also not go away if people do not stand up and speak out on the matter. Please do so when you get a chance.

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State lawmakers honored the late, great Bertha ‘B’ Holt last night at the Legislative Building. Though highly appropriate, it’s too bad they couldn’t have done it while she was still alive and kicking because she deserved it and, I think, would have enjoyed it. Holt died in 2010 at the age of 93.

‘B’ was a lawyer and a fine state legislator who represented Alamance County for almost two decades. She was a fighting progressive on any number of issues, but will be best remembered as a tireless champion of women’s rights who broke dozens of barriers that had formerly existed for women — especially in the South.    

I got my first and best opportunity to work with ‘B’ when I was a relatively new lobbyist at the General Assembly in 1993 working on behalf of poor Legal Aid clients and, in particular, victims of domestic violence. The subject of our collaboration was a bill to reform state rape laws.

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With May settling in, we take a look back at a few moments in the past month of politics and policy issues that really affected North Carolinians: From budget cuts that leave schools with fewer resources to President Obama visiting UNC, to the distracting “culture war” that the General Assembly has thrown at North Carolinians. We’ve compiled these and other moments in the brief video below:

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What are some progressive policy issues you can think of from the past month relating to the state of things in North Carolina? Share with us in the comments.
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