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 Someone sent me an email today that included gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory's "Security and Safety" agenda. A quick read (and I do mean quick — the whole thing is just six little bulleted points and 98 words) led me to want to check out the rest of Hizzoner's platform.

It turns out that there ain't much to check out. Here below copied from his website, is the entire list of "issues" on which McCrory's campaign is based. Now mind you, this is a serious candidate for governor of one of the largest states in the union and the long-time mayor of the state's largest city.  

through jobs, lower taxes and clean environment

  • Develop incentive policies for high schools and community colleges to reemphasize technical training to meet the skills gap
  • Revise tax policy which puts less emphasis on income and business tax so that we can compete with other states.
  • Implement policy which prioritizes distribution of monies to universities that are graduating future teachers with special emphasis on science, math and trade skills
  • Develop long term energy and environmental plans to coincide with economic growth

with a sound transportation and road system

  • Develop 50-year transportation and road plan for entire state
  • Put the roads where the cars and congestion are
  • Reform Department of Transportation. Ensure road and transportation monies are prioritized based upon traffic congestion, safety, environment and economic development
    1. Reorganize the geographical divisions of DOT to better match demographic regions of growth
    2. Develop policy in which interstate highway system is removed as part of any distribution of any road monies to each region
    3. Develop mass transportation and land-use plans to complement road networks

peace of mind for North Carolina residents

  • Develop funding and distribution policy for courts, district attorneys, judges and jail cells based upon crime statistics
  • Implement gang policy which targets gang leaders and allows the state to remove assets from gang organizations
  • Build sufficient state prison space to back up arrests and convictions made by local police and sheriffs
  • Oppose any moratorium on death penalty
  • Implement federal lobbying strategy to gain approval and funds to build illegal immigrant detention centers and courts so local law enforcement can deport those illegals who are breaking additional laws
  • Implement 287G program throughout the state which verifies identification of illegal immigrants

What did he do? Dictate the thing on his cell phone on the way to the airport? Delegate it to the same staffer who misspelled "governor" with an "e"? Good grief, McCrory is a relatively new candidate, but his campaign manager just spent years running a relatively prolific right wing "think" tank and this is all they can come up with?

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