Richard Burr: Big government liberal

It’s getting so it’s hard to be right-wing enough to please the new fire-breathers in the North Carolina GOP’s ultra-right wing.

Last year, Richard Burr co-sponsored a bi-partisan bill known as the “FDA Food Safety Modernization Act.” Burr’s bill was ultimately subsumed in a House Bill that became law earlier this month.

Now comes word from the Lockers that one of the tea partying North Carolina House freshmen, Glen Bradley, will introduce a bill that he hopes will exempt many North Carolina farmers from the law.

Here’s a summary of Burr’s radical/socialist bill from Dr. Margaret Hamburg, Commissioner of Food and Drugs:

Each year, foodborne illness strikes 48 million Americans, hospitalizing a hundred thousand and killing thousands. I thank the President and members of Congress for recognizing that the burden that foodborne illness places on the American people is too great, and for taking this action….The historic legislation the President has signed directs the Food and Drug Administration, working with a wide range of public and private partners, to build a new system of food safety oversight – one focused on applying, more comprehensively than ever, the best available science and good common sense to prevent the problems that can make people sick.”

Got that? The U.S. food safety system is almost universally understood to be out of date and downright dangerous. So, the federal government actually does something about it in bi-partisan fashion (all while including lots of exemptions for farmers’ markets and truly local producers) and the anti-government crowd is still freaked out about creeping socialism.

Mr. Bradley’s 10 bills should be interesting to follow this year. Can’t wait for the proposal to ban fluoridation.


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