John “Tea Party” Tedesco outdoes himself

Any notion that the relative lack of high-profile fireworks of late provides reason to feel optimistic about the Wake County School Board – that, perhaps, the fire-breathers have mellowed just a smidge in recent months in light of being confronted with the realities of governing – should be put to rest by board member John Tedesco’s recent “speech” at a Greensboro anti-tax rally.

Here are some choice nuggets from Tedesco’s rant in which he vowed to fight for his beliefs at “every crosshair along the way”:

Tedesco on what the Tea Party movement is about:

“We stand on the forefront of a new American Revolution and you, you are the forefront of that revolution and I think it’s fitting that that revolution, again in 2011, begin with a tea party!”

Tedesco on what those opposed to his point of view are about:

“I am fundamentally convinced that poverty will be the civil rights issue of our generation and our government has traded the plantations and the slaveries and the iron shackles of slavery with the shackles of entitlements and they are keeping people trapped to these systems on purpose.”

Tedesco on who opposes the efforts of the Wake School Board’s 5-4 majority:

“And they used all the fear tactics they could. They united the NAACP and the anarchists -and this -is self-proclaimed-not me-I’m not calling them this –self-proclaimed, Communist-anarchist FIST movement – worked together to come and cause protests and disruptions – they said well, these guys they’re gonna’ be anti-teacher or they’re gonna’ be classism or they’re gonna’ be racism and they’re gonna’ try and make you feel ashamed and attack you for your values. “

Tedesco on North Carolina’s history:

“This state, for 120 years – we’ve had the Democrats control the legislature. And for the last century, we’ve seen numerous, numerous governors proclaimed to be the “education governor.” But, let me tell you what: the results are in in North Carolina and they failed our children – okay?”

Tedesco on ?

“We have 1.5 million children in schools here in North Carolina and yet, while we rank towards the bottom in education in the country, we rank fourth in America in incarceration – fourth. It makes me wonder, you know, why they don’t see that as fiscal conservatism – that to be more efficient and effective with the $8,500 a year we spend to educate a child than the $35,000 we spend to incarcerate a man. Alright? They keep these systems going.”

and this…

“These people are gonna’ try and make you feel ashamed. They’re gonna’ try and make you feel ashamed – at every step. I’m not ashamed to be a conservative Christian man!”

Tedesco on those who would protest the Wake School Board’s actions:

“Even, you’ve got some joke commissioners here [in Guilford County] who thought it was their right to come and disrupt our meeting. I think Commissioner Coleman should stay here and get her problems fixed here first before she sits there and judges people in Wake County! Come to my meeting again with the NAACP and the rest of them and we’ll get you arrested too!”

Tedesco on his views:

“I am not ashamed to believe in limited government. It’s not a crazy, radical idea. Okay? Those issues are not racist. Those issues are not classist. They’re not anti-teacher. They’re simply anti-socialist!”

Tedesco on Democrats with whom he disagrees:

“They’re working for a socialist agenda and they’re taking our country away from the America that made us great.”

Tedesco on (apparently anyway) the separation of church and state:

“We are never gonna’ be able to stand again as a nation until we can kneel again as a nation. And this my friends – as long as I’m standing here under that flag, this my friends, is still one nation under God and this is still a nation that believes ‘In God we trust’ and this is still a nation that will defend those principles at every crosshair along the way!”

You can watch entire video by clicking here.

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