Perdue vetoes bill requiring waiting period for abortions

Governor Bev Perdue is winning praise from pro-choice groups for her decision to veto House Bill 854, the so-called “Woman’s Right to Know” Act.

The legislation would have required women seeking an abortion wait 24-hours, be shown a detailed ultrasound and receiving specific counseling before the procedure could be performed.

In her statement, the Governor said the bill was a “dangerous intrusion” between women and their doctors:

“Physicians must be free to advise and treat their patients based on their medical knowledge and expertise and not have their advice overridden by elected officials seeking to impose their own ideological agenda on others.”

Planned Parenthood said the bill would make an abortion more difficult and expensive, under the “guise of  protecting women from their presumed inability to make decisions.”  Other critics called the bill bad policy, noting that it would only compound a woman’s emotional pain and suffering, especially in the case of rape or incest.

But Rep. Ruth Samuelson, one of the bill’s primary sponsors, called the veto a shameful decision by the state’s first female governor:

“Having come this far in leadership, Gov. Perdue should have even greater respect for the ability of women to make careful choices when given adequate information.”

Monday’s veto marked Perdue’s 10th of the year.  The Republican-controlled legislature could attempt to override the veto when they reconvene in July.

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