Cooper’s…sigh…copycat statement on Syrian refugees

Dear Roy,

I don’t want to leave you out of the party. I kind of counted on you staying out, more fool me. Sigh. What’s with you talking smack about Syrians? Don’t you even read this blog?!

I have to ask, how could you? I notice that you sent your cockamamie statement on Syrian refugees from your campaign, not from your “Top Law Enforcement Officer” (TLEO) office, so at least we’re all clear on what you’re really about with the giant foam middle finger you’re waving at these desperate and downtrodden people. Who are mostly children.

I hate to break it to you, Roysie, but when you send a get tough message (however nonsensical), you don’t look tough if you’re just piling on. Too bad you waited so long to see which way the wind was blowing. Think how Dirty Harry it could’ve been if you’d opened up Saturday morning! Oooh, talk about a mastermind! If you’d known right away to start pounding on the rootless women and children trying desperately to find peace and real homes, you could’ve been so boss. So Walking Tall even – the Joe Don Baker version, obviously, not the one with The Rock – but riding the coattails of a guy who actually thinks every checkpoint is named Charlie is just kinda sad. Seriously, you heard the guv on Diane Rehm and thought, “He is so cool, I gotta get me some of that”? I guess I didn’t know you were a McCrory fanboy. You’re going to be so conflicted during this campaign, buddy!

You’re also wrong to pander to people’s supposed fears. I don’t know if anyone’s done any polling since the terrible attacks in Paris last Friday night, but it seems our “leaders” are assuming everyone is suddenly afraid of Syrians. We do know that as of days before the attacks more Americans feared gun violence than terrorism. It’s so weird how you didn’t have anything to say about that. Especially on account of you being North Carolina’s TLEO and all. I’m sorry to break it to you but there are way more guns around here than there are Syrians. Also, fun fact, you and your fellow TLEOs haven’t even gotten around to barring anyone, Syrian or otherwise, you do have on your no-fly lists from buying guns legally here in the US. Or at least demanding that someone do it. That’s weak sauce, dude. I can see why you had time to take after women and children, what with all the nothin’ you’re doing about real problems.

It’s shameful that anyone who calls himself a leader in a state that had a terrible hate crime against Muslims, including a Syrian-American, this very year would foment fear and prejudice in this way. That you, Roy, did so to follow a pol who was clearly just doing it for campaign dosh is possibly even more shameful. It’s certainly sickening. I hope you don’t think you have to be utterly shameless to succeed in NC politics these days. You could be forgiven for the mistake, after the legislative session we all suffered through, but I really, really hope you’re not that far gone. If you want to lead, lead, don’t follow. If you think you have to make prejudicial and inflammatory, not to mention empty, statements to win, why do you even want to try?

Take it back, Roy. Be better.

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