Citing “clerical error,” N.C. House delays vote on achievement school districts

Rep.-Bryan-Achievement-SchoIn a strange twist, state House lawmakers have delayed today’s vote on the achievement school districts bill, contentious legislation that could allow for-profit charter operators to wrest control of low-performing schools from local school boards. 

House Speaker Tim Moore told representatives Wednesday that, due to a “clerical error,” members of the House received the wrong version of House Bill 1080. Moore said the draft would be returned to the House Education Committee, which approved the bill in a heated vote last week, and would likely return to the House floor for a vote Thursday.

The legislation is perhaps the most controversial education bill to emerge on the floor thus far this session and has spurred stiff opposition from many public education advocates.

As we reported earlier Wednesday, an out-of-state, conservative group with ties to ALEC and charters is leading support for the bill in North Carolina. The little-known group, called the Education Freedom Alliance, paid for a full-page ad in The News & Observer supporting the bill Wednesday.

We’ll provide updates as they develop.

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