Wilmington Star News blasts conservative obstruction of wind power

Be sure to check out the on-the-money lead editorial in this morning’s Wilmington Star News and its scathing take down of state lawmakers and their manufactured excuses for trying to undermine wind power in North Carolina (lately, lawmakers have been claiming that windmills would somehow disrupt eastern NC military bases).  Here’s the excellent conclusion:

“One strongly suspects the whole ‘We don’t want our bases shut down’ business is an excuse, rather than an actual reason. Many Republicans in the legislators — who have bent over backward to promote hydraulic fracking in this state — seem to regard wind and solar power as somehow evil. Good ol’ petrochemicals are the only power source that manly men should want or need.

This (may we humbly suggest yet again) is expensive folly. For economic and, yet, military security, our nation needs to draw its energy from a diverse array of sources. Wind power should certainly be part of this mix.

Wind turbines pose some local problems, but by most measurements, the pluses outweigh the minuses. Wind power is abundant and consistent, especially along the Tar Heel coast. Running wind turbines doesn’t create greenhouse gases or other pollutants. Wind doesn’t have to be pumped from unstable corners of the world, filled with terrorists, guerrilla fighters and two-bit despots intent on milking Uncle Sam for every penny they can.

Travel in Germany and other parts of Europe, and you’ll see giant wind turbines gently churning away in the midst of placid fields. Rock-ribbed Republican farmers in America’s Midwest are making money by allowing turbines amid their corn and soybeans.

Even Duke Energy has pledged public allegiance to wind power in a series of big print advertisements. One assumes that Duke’s lobbyists will therefore be passing among state House members, telling them what a bad idea this de facto wind-farm ban will be.

In case the Honorables don’t get the message, the voters should tell them, too.”

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