McCrory confirms to Christian Broadcasting Network that talk of HB2 repeal was never genuine

In case you missed it, Gov. Pat McCrory made clear to a Christian Broadcasting Network reporter over the weekend that he had never agreed (and has no intention of agreeing) to a repeal of HB2. The governor’s statement appears to confirm the criticism of those who labeled the recent talk of a “compromise” on the controversial LGBTQ discrimination law a sham.

Here’s the transcript of the governor’s rambling and scattershot explanation of his position on possible repeal of the law:

“No, not based upon the concept of changing the definition of gender. And House Bill 2 is actually irrelevant now because the federal government has stepped in and ordered the definition of gender to be based upon expression and identity.

So, this whole focus on one bill is really a diversion and, uh, it’s probably gonna’ be re-changed after the election. It’s now a national issue and the national media has no idea and the people in the public have no idea that this issue was started by the left in the city of Charlotte, by a very liberal mayor and by the attorney general that I’m running against. And by now President Obama and Hillary Clinton is supporting this concept also. It’s a major changer in our moral fabric.”

Click here to watch the video of the Guv’s statement.

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