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Disturbing campaign signs posted at Raleigh elementary school polling site



It was a good thing students were on a two-hour delay Tuesday, otherwise the kids at Hilburn Drive Elementary School may have seen the risque conservative campaign sign posted outside criticizing Bill and Hillary Clinton on the front and antagonizing Roy Cooper on the back.

Jim Baudreau, the precinct chair representing the Wake County Republican party, confirmed Tuesday that a Republican election volunteer made the sign, posted it and then voluntarily took it down a short time later after a possible complaint.

“It did not stay up very long,” he said, adding that they were trying to toe the line between balancing free speech and the appropriateness of the location of the message.

Baudreau didn’t know what the laws were regarding displaying such a sign but said he planned to look into it further in case it happens again during future elections.

The sign had pictures of the Clintons on the front, along with a photo of Monica Lewinski and the quote, “I did not have sex with that woman.” It also mentions FBI Director James Comey, Hillary Clinton’s emails and has a picture of her advisor, Huma Abedin and a man the sign labels as her father, Zainul Abedin.


The back of the sign had two photos: one of a woman in a bikini in a bathroom with a man in a stall behind her in his underwear, and the second of a wet man in a shower with two wet girls in bathing suits surrounding him. The print reads: “Roy make this legal,” and “Sure girls, this is too much fun.”

The sign appears to be referencing House Bill 2, the anti-LGBTQ legislation that conservative supporters have claimed will prevent assaults in bathrooms. Opponents, however, have pointed out that cities that allow transgender people to use public facilities that correspond to their gender identity have not experienced any problems.

Baudreau said the back of the sign faced the trees away from voters while it was posted.

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  1. Robert Morgan

    November 9, 2016 at 10:38 pm

    Sign was taken down, when it became light outside. Principal at school has complete authority on School Grounds, as she is AIC, Adm in Charge. I work for Wake County BOE, and we also would have taken down, if we had seen, as we are leasing POLLING PLACE and its PROPERPTY OF WAKE COUNTY , RALEIGH , NC. Not acceptable on school grounds , PERIOD. No Matter PARTY OR AFFILIATION .

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