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McCrory raising money for legal expense fund to support battle over election outcome

The gubernatorial race is still up in the air, but Gov. Pat McCrory’s campaign committee isn’t planning on going down without a legal fight.

The committee disclosed plans for a legal expense fund Thursday and filed the official paperwork Monday with the North Carolina State Board of Elections. There has not yet been any donations recorded in “The Pat McCrory Committee-Legal Defense Fund,” according to the Board of Elections.

The committee told media outlets last week that it was establishing the fund to support its legal battle over the outcome of the election.

“No one knows for sure the outcome of the election, and tens of thousands of ballots remain outstanding and not yet counted,” said Jason Torchinsky, chief legal counsel for the fund.

Roy Cooper, who is holding steady with a slim lead over McCrory, has not yet filed paperwork or announced plans to establish a legal expense fund.

“We are confident that when the election results are certified it will confirm Tuesday’s victory by governor-elect Cooper,” said Cooper Campaign Manager Trey Nix to the Asheville Citizen-Times. “We expect Governor McCrory to accept the will of voters when the State Board of Elections, chaired by his appointees, certifies those results. In the meantime, the Cooper campaign will work to ensure that every vote is properly counted and to protect the integrity of our democratic process.”

A legal expense fund raises money separate from campaign finances, used to pay for a legal action or potential legal action taken by or against an elected officer in that elected officer’s official capacity. There is no limit on how much money individuals can donate, and there is a $4,000 cap on how much corporations and political action committees can donate.

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  1. Peter H. Hickey

    November 15, 2016 at 5:28 am

    McCrory has taken the Old North State down a painful road of k-12 education decline, LGBT discrimination, the scorn of professional sport institutions, and the despoliation of our natural resources. And yet he has the gall to challenge the election results!! Believe me, all we want to see is the retreating butt of Pat; we can’t endure another term.

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