Editorial blasts Berger-Moore effort to control Cooper’s cabinet

The lead editorial in the Winston-Salem Journal this morning has an on-the-money take on the effort of state legislative leaders to dictate to Governor Roy Cooper who can serve in his own cabinet. As the editorial rightfully observes:

“We appreciate the discernment of the three N.C. Superior Court judges who last week issued a temporary restraining order to allow Gov. Roy Cooper to appoint his Cabinet secretaries unhindered….Their order overrides a portion of House Bill 17, which the Republican-controlled legislature passed and includes a mandate that Cooper’s appointees meet their approval.

This ruling must be made permanent when it’s heard in March. The new governor shouldn’t be stripped of powers his predecessors enjoyed, especially not because of partisan politics….

This is just common sense. The legislature can’t dole out, then revoke, the governor’s powers according to whether he’s a Democrat or a Republican. Voters elected Cooper expecting him to have the same powers McCrory had.

These kinds of arguments have contributed to the political division we experience today. The rules should be set, they should be fair and they should be applied consistently across the board, whether it’s Cabinet choices, legislative district boundaries or the powers afforded elected officers. This kind of political maneuvering, from either side, undermines the will of the voters.

North Carolinians are best served when members of both parties work together, not when one party — either party — overplays its hand to attain and maintain power.”

The editorial also cites Rick Glazier, Executive Director of the North Carolina Justice Center (the parent organization of NC Policy Watch) for defending the judges who’ve ruled for Cooper thus far against the Trump-like attacks fired by Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore. As Glazier explained, the judges didn’t ask for this case and don’t deserve such venom:

“These judges are just doing their duty. They came to a unanimous, bipartisan decision on issuing the temporary restraining order.”

The bottom line: North Carolinains should be thankful that, as is occurring at the federal level with Trump’s illegal immigration orders, their judiciary is doing its duty and standing up to  bullying power grabbers who would violate the constitution.

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