Rowan County Commissioner “jokes” about lynching then issues public apology

Rowan County Commissioner Greg Edds

Rowan County Commissioner Greg Edds

Wow. Just wow.

One wonders if the conservative crusaders against so-called “political correctness” will rally to defend this very troubled politician’s disgusting/outrageous statement. Reporter Josh Bergeron of the Salisbury Post has the story:

Commissioner Chairman Edds apologizes for lynching joke

Rowan County Commissioners Chairman Greg Edds publicly apologized Monday for a lynching joke he made one month ago during a Landis Board of Aldermen meeting.

Just before the county commissioners were scheduled to enter a closed session, Edds asked them to pause the regularly scheduled meeting as he delivered a prepared apology.

One month earlier, he made a joke about lynching when referring to the size of a crowd at the Landis meeting.

“Without question, I understand that that word brings significant pain to people in our community, especially to my friends and neighbors in our African-American community,” Edds said. “In our political climate, I think we would all agree that our society has become increasingly sensitive and, oftentimes, is too quick to be offended. This, however was not one of those times. That word was hurtful. It was simply not the word I was looking for. I made a huge mistake, and I’m very sorry.”

Edds was apologizing for a comment he made on Feb. 7 before presenting the Rowan County Declaration of Interdependence to the Landis aldermen. In Monday’s speech, he said the February comment came after a person attending the Landis meeting compared the crowd and the mood to the wild West. The crowd was standing room only.

“I walked in and asked the gentleman at the door, ‘Is there going to be a lynchin’ tonight — be a hangin?’ This is a good group. So I think last time I was around a group this big we had a hangin’ afterward,” he said in the early February meeting. (Emphasis supplied.)

However sincere the apology, this kind of hateful language is simply not acceptable — especially from an important elected official. The man may feel sincerely bad about the remark and may well have learned something, but there really need to be some kind of consequences for him beyond a little bad publicity.

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  1. Barry D Robinson

    March 7, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    And the hits just keep on coming out of Rowan County! First it’s state legislators make national news with their outlandish statements. Then Mr. Edds and his gang of commissioners make national news with their decision to open meetings with prayer favoring one religion, the resulting law suit by the ACLU is now to be heard by the Supreme Court. Then leaders of Salisbury, the county seat, “mutually” agree to sever employment of their City Manager, only to pay him approximately $200 (in severence. Now this! Funny that Rowan County recently adopted a new motto – “Be an Original “. That’s sure to bring tourists from near and far!

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